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 I want to upload existing user data with passwords into salesforce user object. I'm able to import user data but i neither find a way to upload a password directly nor the "Generate New Password" field in the User Object. How can i import or generate password through DataLoader?


I am creating a visualforce page and there is rable whihc needs to be rendered according to some condition I am writing the code as:


  <apex:outputPanel rendered="{!IF(ISEQUAL(Bil__c.Agent__c, Bill_c.Dealer__c},'true','false')}">


but its giving an error.


I want to display a list of records processed out of a batch process on a Visuaforce page for user operation.

The Batch process returns a list of records but the list is not passed to the VF controller. The list shows empty when debugged in the Vf controller. I do  realise that the batch process runs asynchronously, but the requirement is really critical.


Please reply as soon as possible. Any pointers will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.




Hello.  The Apex Developers Guide says there is a maximum of 10 sendEmail methods per transaction (page 310).  Is this counted by individual message sent, or by line of code executed?  Example: What if you have 11 messages in a Messaging.SingleEmailMessage array and call the sendEmail method once using this array?


(Each message in the array has slightly different content, which is why I'm not using mass email.)




Hello.  On p. 420 of the 2008 Force.com Developers Guide (distributed at Dreamforce 2008), it says that "Message.sendMail method takes an array of messages to send, so you can send multiple messages in one single call."


Does this mean I can send an array of different email messages, each to a single recipient, in one call?  What is the syntax for constructing the array?  The documentation is not clear.


Here are the specifics of my situation: I need to send an email containing a personalized URL to several people, and I can't use merge fields/templates because the people's data are stored in a custom object, not in the Contact object.




Hi all,


You are gonna like this one!


I am getting an error on Eclipse 3.4.2 that restricts me to save, synchronize and/or deploy my project. It reads:


"Unable to fetch and save Force.com components to project:

 The changes you requested require salesforce.com to temporarily lock your organization's administration setup. However, the administration setup has already been locked by another change. Please wait for the previous action to finish, then try again later. (ALREADY_IN_PROCESS)"


Has anyone seen this error before? I have wait for 15 minutes (my max waiting capacity :( ), tried to refresh, deploy, save... but this error is not letting me go anywhere.


Suggestions are welcome



  • February 16, 2010
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