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I have deleted some apex classes from my sandbox instance and i would like to roll it back. where can i find my deleted stuff in my sandbox?




  • March 11, 2010
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We are looking for creating applications in salesforce that shows GIS maps of ESRI by passing salesforce object data/query, wonders if anyone has ever done this earlier, and is 'feasible'.

Appreciate any samples of projects/code.





  • March 01, 2010
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I have a visual force page that is used for edit/new/clone of records, and I have different workflows that fire and send emails out whenever a record is added.


My workflow validation uses "ISNEW" function to identify newly created records, but none are fired whenever a record is cloned and created a new record.


I wonder how do I treat cloned and aswell as new records as same so that my emails are fired.


Currently, ISNEW returns false for cloned records, true for new records. I wonder if this is the expected functionality of this function.


  • February 23, 2010
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I am trying to run a query on salesforce in Powerbuilder 11.5 via .NET web service and am having troubles running a query.

I got the soap connection set up alright, [can debug and see my current user hex code, session filled up for sforce object] but while running a query I keep getting this error of
'Error: INVALID_SESSION_ID: Invalid Session Id found in SessionHeader: Illegal Session'

All I got is some .NET working code, that I trying to covert and run as a webservice within Powerbuilder via WSDL downloaded from salesforce.com via soap connection.

Here is the Powerbuilder code that compiles well but gives error on query call that uses a soap connection with the right URL of soap preset.

=============F_CONNECT =================================
sl = create loginresult

    SL = SF.login (l_user, l_pass)

    If SL.passwordExpired = False Then       
            sh = create sessionheader
            SH.sessionid =sl.sessionid
            sf.setsessionheadervalue( sh)                
                Return 0
             messagebox ("PB", "Failure to LOGIN to Web service")  
                Return 1
            End If

catch ( SoapException e )  
    messagebox ("Error", "Cannot invoke Web service")  
end try
sforcequeryoptions sqo
sforcequeryresult SQ
mytable__c SC
long i

i =f_connect(str_endpoint, sf_user, sf_pass)  
// no errors HERE on sf.login(user, pass) returns 0 and can see all data under sf when run from debugger.

sqo = create sforcequeryoptions
sqo.batchsize = 250
sqo.batchsizespecified = true

sf.setqueryoptionsvalue( sqo)   

sq = create sforcequeryresult b  //No errors till this point

SQ = sf.query("Select Name,ID FROM mytable__c WHERE OwnerID='xxxyyyzzz'" ) 

STOPS=====>> 'Error: INVALID_SESSION_ID: Invalid Session Id found in SessionHeader: Illegal Session'

//This SQL runs fine in .NET but gives INVALID_SESSION_ID error in PB and would not let me pass thru to next line

//Same EXACT SQL results in one record when tested elsewhere.

I could not find code examples any where and wonders if anyone else did connect salesforce to powerbuilder successfully and pass on code example to me.



PS: I did check the box for IP address specific sessions on SF sesson management

  • January 12, 2009
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I have a small issue...

I uploaded one .jar file in Static resource. It's contains some .class files.

now i want to use one those .class file in my Apex Code.

Please tell me how to use this.


Thanks & Regards



  • February 28, 2011
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Hello All


my issue is this:


In a trigger, i need to retreive the synced quote of an opportunity.

In this trigger i have a query retreiving Opportunities.

When i add the field 'SyncedQuoteId' to the query (and nothing more - no changes to the field or anything)

i get the following exception:


Error:Apex trigger Opp1_AfterUpdate caused an unexpected exception, contact your administrator: Opp1_AfterUpdate: execution of AfterUpdate caused by: System.Exception: The opportunity SyncedQuote field is read only within a trigger.: Trigger.Opp1_AfterUpdate: line 58, column 10


why do i get this exception just for querying the field?

has someone encountered this and solved it?





  • March 17, 2010
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I have deleted some apex classes from my sandbox instance and i would like to roll it back. where can i find my deleted stuff in my sandbox?




  • March 11, 2010
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I have a visualforce page rendered as PDF. Multiple records Information is repeated with the help of <apex:repeat> tags. If I have three records, currently all the three records information is displayed in a single page. My requirement is, if I have three records, information should be in three pages (based on the number of records), i.e., 1st record information in first page, 2nd in second page and 3rd in third page.


Which style tag will be helpful for this?


Can anyone suggest a solution? Any help is highly appreciated.




  • February 22, 2010
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