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I'm stuck and hoping someone can help. I refreshed my sandbox and I can login via the web but cannot log in via the API. I use Eclipse for Force development and can't reconnect. I also tried via the PHP soapclient - which is what we use internally - and get the same error. Following the refresh I logged in and reset my security token. I've tried this three times but it continues to fail. Like I said, I can log in normally but not through the API so it suggests a problem with the security token or API. I am using a default System Administrator profile that has API Enabled checked by default.

require_once ('soapclient/SforceEnterpriseClient.php');
define("USERNAME", "jason@finch.com.dev");
$mySforceConnection = new SforceEnterpriseClient();
$wsdl = 'soapclient/enterprise.wsdl.xml';
$mySforceConnection->login(USERNAME, PASSWORD.SECURITY_TOKEN);
$query = "select email from user";
$result = $mySforceConnection->query($query);

This works on production but fails in the sandbox with the following error:
Fatal error: Uncaught SoapFault exception: [INVALID_LOGIN] INVALID_LOGIN: Invalid username, password, security token; or user locked out. in /Applications/XAMPP/xamppfiles/htdocs/trunk/plugins/system/salesforce/soapclient/SforceBaseClient.php:168

Any other suggestions? 

I am trying to write a trigger to chang the quotelineitem's sort order by copying the item number, which is a custom field. I am recieving the following error:


Compile Error: Field is not writeable: QuoteLineItem.SortOrder


Here is my code:

trigger LineItemSortOrder on QuoteLineItem (Before Insert, Before Update) {
    QuoteLineItem[] q = trigger.new;

   for (integer i = 0; i < q.size(); i++) {
      QuoteLineItem nquote = q[i];
      nquote.sortorder = integer.valueof(nquote.Item__c);


Is there any way around this error?


Thank you,




I had created a application using a Free Developer Edition and did an Unmanaged package of the application and got a link. I am trying to use the link to install the Application in our Sandbox and am not able to do so. The link is always pointing to the Production environment and not to the sandbox.


What should I do now? 





I have enabled inline editing feature in my SFDC instance which works fine for all the objects. I tried overriding New/Edit button on Opportunity  which calls an  S-Control and takes back to the Opportuinty Layout after  processing. Once the S-Control moves back to the Opportunity, Inline Editing feature gets disabled for that opportunity and it doesnt works.

Should we pass on some hidden parameter to the opportunity page while transfering control to the opportunity which keeps that inline editing feture enabled?

Please suggest..

Thanks in advance.

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