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I would like to create a workflow rule that closes an opportunity if it doesn't have any modifications in 60 days AND does not have any Activities in 60 days.  I can't seem to figure out how to put time based workflow around both dates.  Also, time based workflow does seem to trigger off of Last Activity Date.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 

I need to populate a custom field on an opportunity with a customfield value that exists on the user record of the Opportunity owner.  i have created an formula field that pulls the value from the "user" but it is the opportunity Creator and it only happens when the opportunity is created.  I need the field to be populated real-time for existing opportunities of the current opportunity owner.  I can't just load the information because it would affect Last Modified reporting.  Any ideas.  

I am building a formula that tells me if certain fields are blank or not.  Basically, if a specific field is not blank it returns a value.  I have the syntax down "If(fieldname="",0,1)" but am running into challenges with long text areas.  I can't seem to insert them into the formula.  


Any ideas how i can check to see if a Long Text Area is blank?

I have a custom object called orders and within it a field called order number.  I need help with a formula that will populate the word "pending" when the field is blank, but not change the existing value if there is one.


Can anyone help me with this?

  • March 18, 2009
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I'd like to be able to process a specific action on records in a custom object by checking the a checkbox beside the record in a list and clicking a button at the top of the list.  ie. Marking multiple records as processed simply by checking them and clicking "Process".  Like in the Cases app where you can click multiple cases and close them by clicking the close button.


Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.



Whenever one of our opportunity stages is changed to one of two custom closed/won states, our closed date is automatically updated to today's date.


While I can understand this is behaviour some users might actually desire, this is NOT behavior we want.  Further, this is new behavior - it didn't used to happen.


I have checked field validation rules (we don't have any for opportunities), and anywhere I can think of in the custom settings.  I can't find a culprit.  Can anyone point me in the right direction to disable this behavior?