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When we try to get a visualforce page to be visible in our Community it says that the page is under construction and the worst part is that is references our other community.  Here is a Thread from an email regarding this.  I hope I can get some help on this.  Please and Thank you,

We need help with an error message that is coming up… And this is one of those weird ones again that we found.

We have a button called “Add New Items for Credit.” That when you select it should bring you to a visual force page. Now in the communicates environment when we select the button, it gives us an error message. Pay attention to the URL changes in the screen shots below. We need this fixed asap as this is a pretty big deal blocking roll out of communities.
User-added image

This is the error message… Notice the /ahold is missing now before the /apex.  Why??? Should not be like that. In addition, the error message is /APtea . That is a different community not yet published.

User-added image

This is what it should do and look like. Notice when we put the ahold in there as it should for the community, it works.

User-added image

Hi Guys


I have been following through on the Force.Com workbook and want to do the section to creat a force.com site.


But when I go to setup develop... I have no options for sites.


How do I turn this on.


I am an administrator in the ord





If I'm on the Contact page and slect the "New Contact Donation", the donation shows up on the contact page......just like it's suppose to do. 


However, if clone that donation, it does not appear on the Contact tab?  Also, If i creat a donation from the donation tab, it doesn't appear on th Contact tab?


Any suggestions as to why?


I'm using Non Profit version...



I my previous life, I used to run SQL Scripts to create and populate Tables.


Can I do the same thing to create Custom Objects ?


If not, is there another way I can avoid creating Custom Objects manually, field-by-field ?


Thanks a lot.