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We have managed package with User Licenses (no Site License) which are managed using LMA.


I always get Authorization Required when I want to access one of the objects in our managed package.


Is it possible to assign a User License to the Guest/Public user or do we have to switch the license

for the package from User to Site License ?



When trying to change the recordtype of a person account to normal business account, I get the following error: "insufficient access rights on cross-reference id".


However, it works fine when I change it to a different person account record type. According to the documentation, it should also work across recordtype families.

I do have access to the recordtype I want to change to in the profile settings and can create a account with that recordtype manually in the GUI and with apex, so it's not an actual access rights issue as the error message suggests.


Any ideas what could be the problem here?



How to include Printable view in VF pages? - so as to look like SFDC page
  • June 12, 2008
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