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I have 3 fields that must be filled out on all accounts, either the three fields for Division A or Division B.  Two are picklists that are dependent upon each other, so that is set. I still need to find out how to make two rules one that requires A or B Lookups, another that connects the lookups to the picklists.


Either Division A Lookup or Division B lookup must be filled out. 



if Division A Lookup is filled out Division A Picklist 1 must be filled out also.  If Division B Lookup is filled out then Division B Picklist 1 must be filled out also.

I have set up a custom owner field (lookup) and would like to have our status (picklist) and type (picklist) fields required if it is filled out.  The validation rules I've tried don't seem to work.  Any ideas?
Is it possible to get a lookup field with the excel connector?
I want to get the field (which should be the 18 digit ID for the table) with the Excel Connector.

I have a custom field on the account page that says "Reseller LookUp" and it is a lookup field that user can lookup to another account in our instance of Salesforce.
When I run the query to select every field in the account table in Excel using the Connector, it does not give me this "Reseller LookUp" field. 
Is it possible to get that field using the Connector?


Mass Action Buttons for Tag and Search Results

All Editions

  • Improve user adoption by letting users act on multiple tagged records
  • Increase productivity by reducing the number of clicks required to act on multiple records

Users enjoy the time-saving benefits of custom list buttons on list views and related lists. With Spring 08, custom buttons can now be used on list results. Administrators can create custom buttons for search and tag results so that users can initiate mass actions on those ad-hoc lists. For example, users can tag contacts according to interests and then email all contacts with those interests by simply clicking a custom button on the tag results list.

Note: This feature is enabled by default.

According to the above there is a way to send mass emails from tags etc. Does anyone have the code that would be used to create this button? AND how to set it up so that it appears on the tag list.
Help - Please - I am not a programmer.
how can I create a mass email (custom?) button to a list view in a custom object list or in the custom object itself?
What I would like to do is to basically send a mass email to my registrants in my object "event" and or/attendees/registrants.

Many Thanks in advance!
Markus Bleichner