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My organization is looking to hire a Sr. Systems Developer that is responsible for architecting, developing, installation, & support of salesforce.com's platform and other business unit websites.  This position is based in Minnesota.


A little about our company: The Schwan Food Company is a multibillion-dollar private company with approximately 18,000 employees nationwide. With headquarters in Marshall, Minnesota, the company sells fine frozen foods on its traditional delivery trucks, in grocery-store freezers, online and in the foodservice industry. For more information about the Schwan Food Company, please visit:  www.TheSchwanFoodCompany.com. 


This position is within our Food Service division.  Attached is a link to learn more about that business.  http://www.schwansfoodservice.com/


If you are interested or know of anyone that would be a fit, I would welcome the opportunity to speak with you about it.  Attached is the link to the job description and to apply online: https://www.schwansjobs.apply2jobs.com/ProfExt/index.cfm?fuseaction=mExternal.showJob&RID=69170&CurrentPage=1

  • March 02, 2011
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Looking for a freelance or full-time SA in Philadelphia, Boston, New York and/or DC to join our team (or willing to travel part-time).  Must have 3+ years experience in integration and development on force.com for mid to large sized engagements.  Ideal candidate should be able to:


1. Assess current system architecture and propose recommended architecture

2. Evaluate and estimate effort required to build interfaces using a varieties of toolsets

3. Have strong customer-facing skills


We have projects with closed work orders ready to go.  



Salesforce CRM Dashboard in Blackberry

We have developed an add-on component Salesforce CRM Dashboard in Blackberry to provide a value added business solution for the business managers by enabling them to have in-hand analytics data even on move. Dashboard is value added functionality used for graphical interpretation of the performance based on corporate metrics and key performance indicators. Our Salesforce CRM Dashboard in Blackberry provides you the key advantages of:

• Organizes and presents information in a way that is easy to interpret.
• Provides a high-quality, visual reports in the preferred format.
• Hundreds of relevant facts on screen displayed effectively through charts, visual indicators and visual aids
• Sorting option to drill down to the required information.
• Using powerful tools for your business enabling to manage and convert your data into a visual display of relevant information.

Please let me know if i can be any further help




  • April 30, 2009
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I am currently in the process of searching for a developer who can build assist with developing a management system for our use on the force.com platform.


High level requirements:

API access to estimating systems to import and sync data from the point of origin.

Import estimate line items in to the record.

The ability to indicate parts as on order, received, returned, back ordered, etc.

Job costing and calculation validation.


More details to follow. 

Preferably located in the northeast for ease of travel when needed.


Please let me know if you're interested and we can discuss in more detail.





  • March 16, 2012
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Hi all,


We are looking to hire a temporary developer to write classes & triggers for our Salesforce.com and Oracle EBS11 integration. The model is already in place, but we do need some extra help.


Looking find someone within the next few months.

Please let me know. 

Alex Searcy 

We are seeking a Salesforce.com/Force.com developer to build a custom application that is native on the force.com platform.

The application is a price quote/proposal engine for the financial services industry.  The app will be a standalone product distributed under the Force.com embedded license model. There is no integration of any type with any other systems. 

We have completed the following work already:

1. We have a prototype built in ASP

2. We have written substantial documentation and requirements for the application

3. We have a developer org in force.com with about 15 tables and a data model.

We need a very capable developer with past experience with force.com, Visualforce, apex, javascript, etc. The person MUST be located in the U.S., preferably in Atlanta, GA.  This is a well-paid full-time consulting role with an opportunity to convert to full-time employee status in 4-6 months.

  • March 02, 2012
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I am looking for someone to convert our existing website to Siteforce.

If anyone has the skills and time I will provide the specs for a quote.

We are a wholesale provider in the telecommunications industry and looking for a SFDC developer who can support our projects.  Looking for part-time or contractor.  Can be remote position located in the US. Approx 10-15 hours per week. 


Kerri Olenik




We are looking for experienced Force.com developer to join our company.  We are financial information and publishing company working on our own large commercial application for financial services industry developed on Force.com platform.  The position is as a  full-time employee based in our NY office



  • October 13, 2011
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Our company provides Human Resource support to other small and medium sized businesses.  We have created a number of Human Resource oriented programs in Excel for our clients.  We would like these to be accessed via SalesForce to control ownership of the content. 


* Each worksheet represents one week of work for an employee. Hours worked by day are posted, revenue and commissions are posted as applicable and there are calculations done to determine overtime hours.


* This needs to have a professional feel and can't have extended delays when posting.

* A demonstrated track record f success is required.  


This is the first of multiple projects.  SalesForce may not be the best platform for this solutions, but it is our first choice. 



  • September 30, 2011
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Hi Folks. I posted the last post on this board about a small project, but its priority has been shifted to finding a solution for a new problem/project over here.


I'm not sure if this would be a good fit for the force.com, or if there is another platform that makes more sense for a spreadsheet-style software app so we don't need to build a ton of visualforce pages. I appreciate your input and look forward to speaking with you. 




I currently have an Excel file/workbook with approximately 20 different worksheets /pages. The workbook is a financial reporting system of business activities. It is NOT an accounting software.

When it was created as an Excel spreadsheet, cell values were linked throughout the workbook to reduce chances for human transcribing and calculation errors.

Since the business is an ongoing entity, the workbook would have to create anew set of worksheets for each new week. Over time, the file began to slow down significantly as the sheer volume of worksheets it had to comb through to update current week data cells became to cumbersome.

It was suggested to me that this time of reporting system should have been set up in a database writing software instead of a spreadsheet.


What I am seeking to accomplish are the following objectives:

1) I need my worksheets recreated in a way that pulls and populates data in the appropriate places quickly and accurately.

2) I need to be able to add a new set of worksheets each week, ideally by clicking a button.

3) I need this to be available in the cloud so that it can be accessed from any computer system with a username and password.

4) It will need at least two access levels (user & manager) and ideally have a third access level for administrator/ owner.

5) I need to make it reproducible so that 10,000 different accounts can be created and sold with access available to only their own account information and data.



Thank you,

My company is a salesforce.com consulting partner. I am looking for development partners to help with the implementation of customer development requirements. I am looking for partners with experience in the following:

- Telephony Integration
- Stunning VisualForce Design
- iPad development

Please reply with your contact information. Thank you.

  • September 21, 2011
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Looking to build a lasting relationship with a SFDC rockstar engineer/traine on a contract basis. Pay is $100/hour.


We're adding SFDC to our portfolio of roughly 15 business software apps (mostly CRM. We are a big family, and trust, honesty and a sense of humor are critical to your success with us. 



SFDC Certified


A good listener

A great teacher

Has a vast understanding of business processes


The perfect candidate would be able to code, customize SFDC, and also TRAIN customers.


- Let's Talk


Looking for someone to help set up Salesforce for a real-estate company, including developing the processes for our construction and property management divisions.  Anyone out in Hawaii that can help?  Thanks!

Salesforce ISV Partner needing immediate help manipulating force.com AppExchange program.

Goal is to have Salesforce Dashboards Customized.  Client is using Dashboards and Reports for BI on large database.  Client is a salesforce ISV partner.

The native salesforce dashboards are not providing needed flexibility in defining date ranges because of limitations on the supporting report infrastructure.

Visualizations need to provide:
1.  Non Standard Date Based Visualizations Such as "Same Day of Week Year 1 vs. Year 2. Chart visualizations.
2.  Visualizations that persist by user by date ranges user selects.

Client has spent time on solutions and would be willing to present current status of efforts.

Client is submitting RFP because of a time deliverable and looking for very specific development by developers that have expertise in DeveloperForce, Salesforce Report, Dashboards, Object Creation, Visual Force, and APEX programming and a detailed knowledge of Master Child Relationships.


  • August 11, 2011
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We are a very small non-profit that used IT undergrad students to implement. Now we have issues and need help. I've written detailed requirements document. Looking for a developer to correct a couple of problems and make a few enhancements.  We have a small budget.

Small project.

Need to build a PUBLIC website based of Saleforce Knowledge preferably on our site, not using force.com if possible.

Just need functionality to be similar to SFDC's own Knowledge but using our wrapper (all graphics and such will be supplied)  Must know SFDC Knowledge,  There should be no graphic work for this project, simply coding the pages to be functional and buildling into our wrapper.




Hi, Does anyone know if there is any app available in app exchange to integrate Cognos into Sales Force? All of our reporting is available in Cognos and we would like to have the users access Cognos reports via Salesforce.


Thank you in advance !!



  • August 09, 2011
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 Mode of payment

We are looking for a Cast Iron specialist for configuration and supporting an SFDC implementation.


At present this is a part-time support over the next couple of months.


Location: Novato, CA


If you are interested, pl. get back to us with your resume and also your availability and respond with the following queries -

Total hours you can dedicate in a week/day

 Your present location

 Your resume

 Your expectation/bill rate

We are a small pet care company who offers dog daycare, boarding, grooming, training, pet taxi, dog walking, pet care and retail. After months and months of searching I found that all the tools out there are really weak, some are still built using access - no really and from what I can tell they haven't upgraded in years. In my past I ran an IS department where I implemented a RAD development team and I'm looking for someone who can work with me to build a user friendly tool for both my staff and my customers.


High Level Goals - Build an application that allows clients to update their information & request services.  Build an application that assist us in the approval process for these request and that enables us to manage/care for their pets.



Client Information - our human members

Pet Information - associated to client (many pets to one client) - associated to other non-related pets (track possible conflicts)

Vet Information - vets are associated to pets and in most cases the same vet is used for all the clients pet but not always.

Locations - our physical locations - associated to core services (Location 1 has less services than Location 2)

Holiday - holiday days; although we are a 24/7 shop some services are canceled during holiday while other add a holiday fee.

Hours of Operations - We have facility based hours; blocks of time used for holiday and weekend boarding drop off & pickup times; travel services also use blocks of time (we don't allow a client to say they want their dog walked at 1PM instead they want a midday walk (midday time block 10-2:00); We have staff hours - example groomer 1.

Daycare Areas - dogs are placed in areas, number of dogs allowed in room

Boarding Rooms - type (suite, standard.. etc) - number of dogs allowed in room, availability etc..

Staff - hours, capabilities, commission rate per service, all top services, all top and addon services; if travel what zip codes do they support. what territory are they. We need to track if someone is responsible for a group of travel staff members because they get paid commission on their territory.

Product/Service Catalog - Our service catalog, needs to tie into pet type, travel or facility based, hours of operations (time block or hours) - if client order half day of camp but their dog is here for 6 hours the service changes to full day - camp is not open Sat and Sunday or not open holidays, volume based - client dog comes to daycare everyday the 5th day is $15.00 off - if a client has two dogs the second dog comes at a discount, three dogs etc... we have services and sub services. We want to have gift cards, web codes for discounts etc.. VIP discounts.. 


Scheduling - clients have daily, weekly schedules, bi-weekly schedule monthly schedules. We need recurring schedules. We have limits - you cannot request services via the system x number of hours or days ahead. You cannot cancel services x number of hours, days or weeks before - service dependent - must call. Some cancelation have fees associated to them based on service type or time. No show - if a client is schedule to be at daycare as an example and they don't call or cancel services they are charged full price or a no-show fee. Staff needs to be able to schedule, cancel, assign fees, waive fees at any point.


We need to move dogs from boarding suite to daycare room back to boarding suite. Same with grooming and travel services - this includes moving dogs from one facility to another. If a dog is moved to a room with an at risk dog we need to be flag immediately and allowed to override it if needed. This type of reporting needs to be dynamic so as when approving client request we can see what areas that dog or dogs cannot be placed - a quick glance to see if their is space in a safe pack for that dog. Near the end of the day we tend to consolidate dogs into rooms - we need our staff to know which dogs can be consolidated.


When scheduling a staff member to a travel service - even if it's a boarding dog who just needs a walk we need to take into account that dogs temperament and the staff's skill level - should they be handling that dog. Red Flags if we try to assign them to that job. Example: a client needs help training a human aggressive or dog aggressive dog - which staff member is qualified to do that job.


We need to check in and out dogs - if we don't get to it right away we need to over-ride the check in and out time.


I'm sure there is more.. We use quickbooks online and would want this tool to integrate with quickbooks.


Let me know if any one is interested and what the next steps would be.





We need an experienced independent VF/Apex developer to work with us as a subcontractor, for both short-term part-time work (June-July) and a long-term part-time subcontract relationship. Must be strong with Visualforce, and Partner Portal experience is helpful. Strongly prefer that you be in the San Francisco Bay Area, preferably in the East Bay.

If you have interest please respond.  Using Stone Bond's www.enterpriseenabler.com solution we want to create an AppComm (see below - different than software integration adapters) to enable bidirectional integration of Salesforce.com Cases and Microsoft TFS.  


Use Case:  To enable better collaboration between Sales, Product Management/Marketing, Tech Support and Software Development organizations that use Microsoft Team Foundation Server in software in development and Salesforce.com in Sales there is the need for immediate visibility of all defect issues and identifying which customers are affected.  We see the use of Salesforce Chatter to compliment this integration and improve the collaboration.  If you have a need for this use case please respond and that will help us prioritize.  The Salesforce.com AppComm exists today and the TFS AppComm would take about 2 weeks to create.


What's an AppComm?   Integrate ANY software application or database rapidly - custom adapters are DEAD!   Enterprise Enabler's (Agile Integration Software) has a patented technology to automate the discovery of ANY application or database data schema.  The data schema is save as metadata (AppComms).  This provides a simple way to create virtual relationships between disparate data sources for reporting, business intelligence, and data integration/migration (no staging databases).   With integration being simplified consultants / business analysts (instead of developers) are able to quickly define enterprise data integrations with a drag-and-drop GUI.  The resulting integration is ‘alive’ and aware of the presence of other AppComms.  So, each time an AppComm makes a connection to the source (i.e..; Salesforce.com, Oracle, SAP …) the AppComms will discover any changes to the data schema (i.e..; new custom field), so if the use case requirements change it takes only minutes (not fiscal quarters) to update the ‘virtual relationships’ between disparate data.