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I overrided case view button with a visualforce page. When I created  a service cloud console app, and opened a case record, it displays External Page. Is there a way to rename the page with the case number.


Thanks in advance.


  • June 10, 2011
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I have few questions:


Is it possible to display the reports and dashboards in the visualforce page? If yes, can anybody provide me with some refernce.


Is it possible to mail the Reports and dashboards?  If yes, then who can be the reciepients. Is it only the salesforce users present in the org. or can we provide any email address?


How can we show reports and dashboards in a section of an objects page layout or in the related lists of the object?



I'm developing a custom application for a client using Custom Portal that works only with Custom Objects, no standard objects. One of the requirements is to control visibility within each Portal "Account" via the role-hierarchy. Here's the situation.


Account ABC has 3 contacts (portal users)

- User 1 has the standard "Account ABC Executive" profile

- User 2 has the standard "Account ABC User" profile (reports to Manager, which reports to Executive)

- User 3 has the standard "Account ABC User" profile(reports to Manager, which reports to Executive)


I set the Custom object default sharing to "Private" and "Grant Access using Hierarchies" is checked. I added a Sharing Rule on the Custom Object to share the object with "All Internal Users" so all non-portal users have full visibility.


My expectation is that if User 2 or 3 creates a record in the Custom Object, User 1 will be able to see that record because User 2 & 3 report to User 1 in the Role Hierarchy. However, I'm not seeing this behavior in my testing. Instead records created by User 2 are only visible to User 2, and so forth.


Is there a way I can build my sharing rules for Portal users such that there can be an account-level "Manager" that has visibility to all records created by other "Users" within that Portal Account?