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Has anyone though...  How do I move my data out of SFDC and implement it into another systems database and make sense of all the information?


I know this is a touch question to ask SFDC; however, it is a viable question.  Are there docs on this approach?

Hello everyone,


Everything seems to be so scatter when it comes to getting a simple solution to an when it comes to Apex and SF in general.  Am I the only one feeling this pain?


Could someone give me push start on a test script that will insert 201 records into the Opportunity object?  There a many required fields, some of which are drop downs and some are pick lists, not sure if that matters.

I'm trying to get a row count for a report.  However, when I do a count(), the total seems to get added to the total number of records retrieved by SOQL queries.  If I have 15,000 rows and I do a count(), would I run into the governor limit?  Does anyone know? Please help, thank you. 

Hi all, 


Following up from an earlier thread; we have created a Visualforce e-mail template that we are calling through a trigger. When we preview the e-mail template with data that we enter (via preview), it works.


However, when the e-mail is sent via trigger upon the creation of a new entry in the object, the e-mail is sent without information populating the Apex fields.  


Does anyone know why this happens, and what steps we can take to remedy / explore for a remedy? (We have the latest release of SF)




Another question, I'm afraid!


I know how to make certain fields required before you can save a Lead record--you just click the Required checkbox on the Page Layout associated with that Lead's record type.  However, is there a way to make a field required before that record can be converted?


If that doesn't make sense, here's a quick dumb example.  Let's say I have a "Favorite Color" field on my Lead page.  I want to set that field so that my end user does not have to enter a favorite color in order to save the Lead record, but so that they do have to enter a favorite color in order to convert that record into an Account.


Thank you x3.  =)

HI  Everyone,


I have been in the process of doing an app where i was working with visualforce pages......So i want to do field validations before i save the record .......So    validations  what  i expect   is when any child field is dere(field looked from other object)  i am supposed to fill that child related fields ... AS i have created a link beside that field which takes me to the child object where can i fill    the child related fields and come back to the original page .....So if the user not filling the child related field,(by going thru the link)


den i should give a error message that is wat i expect....and one more thing when i click save this validations + save action to be done ...............So i have to override the functionality of  save button.................So plz tel


 me how can i do that...............



                                                                                                                             Thanks in advance,


Hi ,


Am loading a huge chunk of data to SFDC . While doing this , am parsing the dates from Oracle source table as

“yyyy-mm-ddThh:mi:ss.000z” (hh = 24 hour format) . Somehow when the record is loaded into SFDC , the dates appear as “Time - 4 hours” . Is there some setting in the Org or the dataloader ?


Having searched the SFDC community , I tried testing various date formats in the sandbox Org . The Org setting says Company Hours = "GMT-6:00" Hours.



If I load 10:00 (AM) ->  that goes into SFDC as 06:00AM  -> it subtracts 4 hours

If I load 17:00 -> that goes into SFDC as 12:00 PM  -> it subtracts 5 hours


Its inconsistent in adding the hours . am not finding a pattern too.



I tried another format:

 yyyy-mm-ddThh:mi:ss.000EDT  -->  this loads the perfect time IF the time is in AM (before 12 noon)

This does NOT work if the time is past 12 noon.


If I load 17:00.000EDT ->it loads  as 04:00 PM and NOT as 05:00PM. 

if I load 10:00.000EDT  -> it loads it correctly.


FYI - both dates are between april to June. I haven't touched the testing of Daylight Savings yet.


 In all the above cases the Dates go in Correctly, only the Time gets messed up. Please help .


Any suggestion on how do I overcome this ?



  • November 23, 2009
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I'm having trouble getting a basic hello-world level Flex app to integrate with a SalesForce Page.

Not sure what the issue is.


Here's the SF page. I have the .swf as a Static Resource and I'm passing in the session Id and server url.


<apex:page > <!-- Begin Default Content REMOVE THIS --> <h1>Congratulations</h1> This is your new Page <apex:pageBlock title="Active Opportunities"> <apex:flash src="{!$Resource.Factored_Forecast_Control}" width="500" height="300" flashvars="sid={!$Api.Session_ID}&surl={!$Api.Partner_Server_URL_90}"/> </apex:pageBlock> <!-- End Default Content REMOVE THIS --> </apex:page>


 ...and here's the Flex piece. It fires a basic LoginRequest. It results in an error and I'm not clear why.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <mx:Application xmlns:mx="http://www.adobe.com/2006/mxml" layout="absolute" xmlns:salesforce="http://www.salesforce.com/" creationComplete="init()"> <mx:Script> <![CDATA[ import com.salesforce.objects.LoginRequest; import com.salesforce.AsyncResponder; import com.salesforce.results.LoginResult; import mx.controls.Alert; public var lr:LoginRequest; public var lar:AsyncResponder = new AsyncResponder(loginSuccess,faultHandler); private function init():void{ lr = new LoginRequest(); lr.session_id = parameters.sid; lr.server_url = parameters.surl; lr.callback = lar; force.login(lr); } private function faultHandler(result:Object):void { for(var i in result){ Alert.show(i + " is " + result[i]); } } private function loginSuccess(result:LoginResult):void{ } ]]> </mx:Script> <salesforce:Connection id="force"/> </mx:Application>





I need to query string with apostrophe in it.




Right now, i get a error message saying MALFORMED QUERY.  Can someone help me on this?

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  • November 13, 2009
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Hi, I was wondering if I attach an excel file to an email, could i use an email service to run through the excel file and create the objects. I looked at the excel connector but it does not work with the non profit starter pack.



Thanks for any help you can give. 

This is more kind of best practice question. I my application, there are apex classes that is making outside webservice calls. Currently the endpoint url is within the apex class. The endpoint urls from the test sandbox calls out to test webservice whereas production calls out to the production webservice.


Since the endpoint urls are different, before deploying to production, I need to change the class to call production endpoint url and then later change in test sandbox to call test webservice. 



What is the  best place to store similar configuration setting so that this remain outside of the apex code.I have read in the forum to use seperate custom configuration objects? Is there another way?

  • November 12, 2009
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I am located in Europe and we format our dates this way: dd.MM.yyyy HH:mm:ss


When I upload dates to SFDC, I get a dateshift by -1 day when I provide just the date. The date is ok when I provide date and time, but then I get a shift by -1hr.


Any thoughts what I am doing wrong?



  • November 05, 2009
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Hi. I've added a customer field "Category" to our contacts (eg. Journalist, Investor, etc).


Then I've tried Search and Advance Search, but it appears that picklists aren't indexed. I read in a post here from 2007 that there are work-arounds, but my question are... has this been fixed since 2007, or will i still need to create a work-around? And, if a work-around is required, advice, please.



I am trying to generate a report based off of Number of Leads and Percentage of Leads by Source.  It needs to look something like this...


Leads                           Number          Percentage    

Total Assigned Leads                  330               100.00%    

Non contacted                         180                54.55%    

Attempted Contact Once                 47                14.24%    

Attempted Contact Twice                50                15.15%    

Attempted contact Three Times          20                 6.06%    

Attempted Contact Four Times           10                 3.03%    

Oppted Out                             10                 3.03%    

Converted to Opp                       13                 3.94%


My problem is the percentages.  How do I generate the percentages? I am asuming that I would use a Custom Formula in the summary feild but I dont know what formula to use.  Can someone point me in the right direction.





I need to know how can I detect a merge contact operation in triggers?


I've created a trigger that checks for a custom object record related to contact record and prevent the deletion of that custom object recordif it has certain status field value.


Now, when I try to merge 2 contacts, this operation somehow triggers a DELETE operation on related records (my custom object). And since I prevent the custom records to be deleted if they hold some status value, so Merge Operation fails ...:( ..


The hard part in understanding is that .. why would merge operation Delete records instead of Updating them with other updated Contact record value?

  • November 01, 2009
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