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Hello to all, 

Being in a pretty much international company, I have come here to ask a few things about ETL tools and their different languages. 

We have offices in the US, in Europe (Italy, France) and in China. We think English is fine but our European team and Chinese team especially would like to get software in their language. 

What we are trying to find is an ETL program to perform data integration, data synchronization and deduplication on our database in French, Italian and especially in Chinese. 

Thanks for your help.
I am a new developer and am looking for an app that will take data from my generated csv file to salesforce. Does anyone know if I can use the Apex data loader to do this automatically? say everyday at midnight?



I am planning to do a insert of a large number of records that are inside of a CSV file. In the past we have provided the client a solution of using a Java program that reads the CSV file and makes the Insert by making use of Salesforce API.

However, now that the batch mode is available I was wondering if we can make use of it in this perticular scenario. Is there a way that we can can parse a large CSV file and insert records into Salesforce using salesforce batch mode.

Right now it appears that the batch mode can only run on records that are already inserted into Salesforce. I want the other way round, I want batch mode to be operational on records that are yet to be inserted into Salesforce. 

It some one already did this, please post the code and I guess it woud be helpfull for lot of people who are running in this issue. 

I am attempting to Duplicate the data in the Address (Street, City, State/Province, Zip) field from the Contacts section into appropriate fields I created (Street, City, State/Province, Zip) in the Opportunities section, so I do not have to re-type it every time. I created appropriate fields and have tried to use formulas but have failed. I have tried reading up on S-Controls and formulas, but I haven't had any success. Could someone please help? Thank you very much.
  • September 06, 2007
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