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Hi,  we are in need of a developer to help us customize our SalesForce application for our company. We are located in Carlsbad, California


Customize reports, layouts

Set up round robin lead distribution



Enterprise edition

12 reps currently

Making from 50-70 calls a day- with improved efficiencies of using SFDC would like to get that up to 125 calls a day per rep

A successful call results in a sales rep sending out an email with two attachments:

1)      A packet of information (there are 10-15 different packets and they are to be stored in SFDC using SFDC Content product)

2)      An NDA (there is one type of NDA)

The company does extensive lead nurturing meaning they send out an email to a lead after 3 days, 5 days, etc according to a defined schedule.


Requirements for custom development:

Send an email alert if a person has not set the “Stage” of an Opportunity to a certain value x number of days after:

1)      They have been assigned a Lead

2)      An Opportunity has been created (via a Lead conversion)

Prohibit Sales Reps to Print
The role “Sales Reps” has to be very limited in terms of moving around SFDC and exporting data.  Specifically related to the Print function, the users assigned the “Sales Rep” role are not to be allowed to print or print preview a screen.  Therefore the Print and Print Preview buttons must not be visible from the Person Account and Opportunity record view screen and from the List View screens.

Call List of Leads that can be updated without clicking into the Record
List out Leads that have been assigned to a sales rep in a List View similar to the what the List View looks like now for Leads.  The difference is to have an additional column that represents a picklist field that the sales rep select the appropriate outcome of the call:

1)      Left a message

2)      Spoke with- Not interested

3)      there will be other choices….

This way the sales rep can quickly indicate the outcome of the call without having to Edit each Lead record.

Lead Assignment
Right now leads come in from 3 sources:

1)      ~20 web sites that have web forms on them.  The web forms are not web-to-lead yet but are in the process of being converted over.

2)      Brokerage firms that send a spreadsheet

3)      Affiliates that have a form on their site and the leads go into csv file that can be imported

Would like to have the leads assigned automatically based on the following criteria:

1)      Depending on the web site the lead came from, it should be assigned to certain sales people based on which web site it came from.

2)      If the lead came from a certain broker and it should go to a certain sales rep(s)

3)      If the lead came from an Affiliate site, then it should go to a certain sales rep(s) based on what Affiliate site it came from.

Sending a packet
For a call to be considered successful, a sales rep emails a packet of information.  With the email, a particular packet of information is sent and with an NDA so one email with two attachments, and NDA and a pdf file that represents the packet.  The particular packet that is sent depends on the interest that prospect verbalizes in the call.  Would like to automate the sending of the email.  This would look like having one standard template email with the NDA attached already and what differs is the packet that is attached.  One possible way to implement this would be to have the sales rep select the “Packet” from a pull down list field and then click a button to “Prepare Email” and the next screen rep sees is the Editing Email screen with the To field, Subject and Body already filled in by the template email and with NDA and the correct packet already attached. 


Please call or email with your rates. Thanks!


Eric Darby