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How do I pull out a field ID? 


E.g;  a checkbox will have something like  "a0A70000007O2Ap"  or something along those lines. How do I find these?

I have a a time delayed workflow with the following items in place:



Conditions for workflow rule -

On Create:

Custom_DateTime_Field > Now

Custom_PicklistStatus__c = "Email Pending"





If true, take these actions:


->1 hour after a referenced Custom_DateTime_Field__c, send an email

->2 hours after the  Custom_DateTime_Field__c, Update picklist Custom_PicklistStatus__c, from value from "Email Pending" to "Email Sent"



The second Action does not activate.



I am guessing a circular reference on the Custom_PicklistStatus__c field is causing the problem, if so, is there a "simple" way around this using the same field? If the problem is not a circular reference, any thoughts as to the cause of the problem?




2 questions relating to this functionality:


 -Can these be interrupted? (Email Opt out is checked)

 -Can these be tracked? (Deliverability, etc)






I am using an EE Org and my goal is to find averages of all related child records in a master-detail relationship. The problem is, I need to find the averages of about 30-40 fields. In other words, the limit of 10 roll-up summaries is just not going to cut it. These averages need to be displayed on the details page. I would prefer not to make a convoluted mess consisting of a dozen or so objects. Additionally, running reports followed by manual data entry is quite aversive, to say the least.


If anyone has any suggestions as to how I might start to tackle this issue I would appreciate it very much. A step in the right direction is all that is necessary... even if that step will lead to some advanced programming and development.



What is the Best approach if we want to Calculate SUM of ChildRelationship records (through LookUp relationship) NOT Mast-Detail Relationship.


My scenerio is this:


Contact: Name, Balance

Bill:         Name, Amount, Contact__c (Lookup Field)


So I want to Fire a trigger on Bill such that whenever a Bill is updated I can Update Contact.Balance value with SUM of Amount for ALL Bills Where Contact__c = current_saving_bill.Contact__c.




Also I'm not able to work this approach with this case: Say If I change Contact__c value in bill so I now Want to Update Contact.Balance value for current edited bill's OLD Contact__c and NEW Contact__c value. :( can anyone help me devise a solution for this ...



  • September 17, 2009
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