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I am  using  EmailServices   and my Apex class parses the content of the email message body (ie; removes some of the content ) however when i show the body of the email message on another VF Page the text is not in the orignal format it is rather unreadable all the line break and formatting  is gone is there a way i can keep in a readable form  (I am not using  the id of the email message so show is on the page ).Please help me with this it is very urgent





I am querying the EmailMessge object and i am getting status as numeric is ;1 ,2..5 however for display purpose i need the status like sent received new Read and Forwarded depending up on the numbers ie; for 1,2,3,4 and 5 respectively this is my query


objEmail = [Select e.Id,e.ToAddress, e.TextBody, e.Subject, e.Status, e.MessageDate, e.FromName, e.FromAddress, e.ParentId From EmailMessage e where

e.ParentId =:objCase.Id];


and then i ma using objEmail.FeildName to display the data please help





I have a method in the controller to delete a record when i click on a apex:outputLink   ,but before i delete a record i have to ask for a confirmation using javascript ,How can i call a apex method from a javascript using the user in put if the user says yes it should execute otherwise it should not execute at all .



Vinayak sharma



I have a list of accounts .I want to get all the contacts associated with that account once i

click on that account .I am using a Accounts standard controller and i have also developed

a extension controller which will return me all the accounts associated with that account

first thing is it possible to get the data on same page using a extension controller  i can see that

most of the actions ie ; actionSupport , actionFunction and actionCommandLink will only work with the standard controller .Thanks in advance








I would like to know when Inline editing will be available for Visualforce pages