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Is there any info on when support for 64 Bit Windows 7 might be available?  I am stuck with 2 laptops with 64 Bit and now can't use the Outlook pluging.



I'm having an issue with the Outlook Connector seemingly randomly losing contact with SalesForce.com.  A user can be logged in and promoting emails and to SalesForce.com during the morning but when they go back to do more work after lunch they're unable to promote messages and receive an error stating "Failed to log in to SalesForce.com.  An error occurred while attempting to contact Salesforce.com" when testing authentication by clicking the "verify" button in Salesforce options.  I can then check our login history and there is no sign of that particular user trying to authenticate with salesforce.com for Outlook. 



The only thing that seems to resolve the issue is uninstalling the connector, deleting all salesforce folders from the local PC and deleteing any SalesForce.com registry entries.  This gets them back up and running again but the connecter will often fail again the next day.  We're using the latest version of the connector available.  Any help is appreciated.



Hello everyone,


I have two users who use Outlook Sync successfully and have for about a year now. About 1.5 weeks ago, they experienced some errors when trying to sync up their contacts and events as seen below:

“There is a change in the field mapping. Please verify your field mappings and Restart Outlook. INVALID_Field: □SelectId,LastModifiedDate,Subject,IsAlldayEvent,ActivityDate,ActivityDateTime□

I checked their field mappings and they are identical to mine and I can sync with no error.  The fields listed above in the error are coming from the "Events" page if that is helpful.  The strange thing is that I have the same version of Outlook, same Exchange server, same version of the Outlook tool and I can sync successfully, but these two users have been getting the same errors. We migrated some data into a dev account and in sandbox to test it and no errors as well. I just would like to know if there is anyone that can shed some light on our issues so we can fix it for the users who actually count on this feature.

Thank you and have a great day!

Can the Outlook Connector be used when using an MS Terminal Services environment where all information is stored on the server, nothing on the local drive?



Currently we are experimenting with the outlook integration piece with SFDC.  Corporately we use the EMC EmailXtender service for archiving emails.
We have seemed to notice an issue with the Outlook intergration addin with the EmailXTender service enabled for users.

Is there a way for us to work around this?

In addition we've noticed that if we bypass our corporate proxy server then there is not an issue however we don't want to do that.  What configuration is neccesary and is bypassing the proxy server our only option?
In setting up new computer, I got the Outlook 2003 SP3 and downloaded the latest Outlook Edition 3.2. I now get an error message "DDE Server Window: Outlook.exe application error - the instruction at ... referenced memory at .... the memory could not be read, when exiting Outlook. The Add to SF and Send and Add menu buttons do not show up when I start a new message. However, after I send a message in Outlook, I can go to Sent Items and Add the email to SF.

On my previous computer, I was running Outlook 2003 SP2 and Outlook Edition 2.0, and the Outlook Edition worked perfectly.
  • September 27, 2007
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