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I am researching whether or not we can build a siteforce page that supports multiple languages and dynamically changes the language displayed based on the user's browser language settings.  I can't find anything within Siteforce (I'm playing with it in my dev org) or in any documentation to make me think this is possible.  If I want to support multiple languages, should I be sticking with Force.com Sites?

I just finished my first controller class. I am creating a Customer Webform for customer's to fill in when they have issues with their orders. My first goal is to capture all these inquiries in a customer object called Email Log. I have already set up the object with all the necessary fields. To control the type of data the customer's fill in I have a few picklist fields with set values. For the purposes of this controller I am starting with a field called further_details__c. I was hoping somebody with more experience could look at my code and let me know if anything needs to be changed. I was also hoping to get some help with building a test method so I can deploy it.


public class WebformIssuesOptions {String[] further_details = new String[]{};


public PageReference test() {

return null;



public List<SelectOption> getItems(){

List<SelectOption> options = new List<SelectOption>();options.add(

new SelectOption('Gift Card being shipped to another Country','Gift Card being shipped to another Country'));

options.add(new SelectOption('Image/Quality Issue','Image/Quality Issue'));options.add(

new SelectOption('Issue Retrieving E-Certificate','Issue Retrieving E-Certificate'));

options.add(new SelectOption('Need to Address/Ship Date','Need to Address/Ship Date'));options.add(

new SelectOption('Order Inquiry','Order Inquiry'));

options.add(new SelectOption('Order Not Received','Order Not Received'));options.add(

new SelectOption('Order Placed from another Country','Order Placed from another Country'));

options.add(new SelectOption('Website Issues','Website Issues'));

return options;



public String[] getfurther_details(){ return further_details;




public void setfurther_details (String[] further_details){ this.further_details = further_details;






Hi, I have enable "Track Field History" and added the related list to the page layout.

However, I want to show this related list in a custom visualforce page. I've found the way to invoke a related list. But, what is the name of the related list that brings me the history track of the field?? 

<apex:relatedList list="<name_of_the_list>"


Thanks in advance!