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    I have made many changes in a sandbox. Custom objects, Workflow, Leads/Account/Contact field removals, additions. Triggers, custom validation.


Just wondering what the easiest way to move this into production. Creating a change set and pushing the changes to the production instance? This would be a fairly huge changeset - curious about the most efficient way. All data in production (except leads) can be removed. 



Hi I have created the following site, but I am facing some issues in accessing the site:




When I submit the form on the site, I am taken to another page which is controlled by a standard controller. When I click on the edit button, I am taken to the 'authorization required' page although I ahve alredy given the Read, Create and edit permission my my custom object.


I am gacing the same issue when I Try to use the can cel button functionality on the first page, I am using the following code for cancel button:

public PageReference Cancel() {
      if(UserInfo.getprofileid() == '00eQ0000000LrqAIAS'){
           // After Cancel, navigate to the Walmart Website Home Page:
           PageReference pageRef = new PageReference('www.wal-mart.com');
           return pageRef;
           PageReference pageRef = new ApexPages.StandardController(eve).cancel();
           //new PageReference('/'+aId);

           return pageRef;

Can anybody please provide some pointers on this?




  • August 24, 2009
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I am a "newbie" to SalesForce.comI want to modify my case page layout to include a button that allows you to build a list like a datagrid in ASP.NET.


For example, I have a drop down list of "products" and I want to choose a Product - say - computer xxx from the list then click the "ADD" button and it populates a list with a couple of additional blank text fields.


Layout would look something like this:


Product | Product Number | Replacement Part

CPU-XXX     "blank"                   "blank"



Product Number and Replacement Part would be blank text fields.


Would I need to create a custom button to do this? Any help is greatly appreciated.





  • January 14, 2010
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I am inserting a million records in task object with status field set to 'Done' thru an external load, after the load I see only around 400k recs in task when I query, but I see the missing records in Salesforce UI which don't come up when I query in apex explorer. these missing records are going to ActivityHistory object which is not queryable. can somebody tell me why these records are going to ActivityHistory object and is there way to query ActivityHistory.

Hi - I am hoping someone can help me with my dilemma.  We license movies for non theatrical screenings.  We have two types of agreements with our customers.  One type is a general agreement where we have screening dates that are specific, i.e. company XYZ will be showing Shrek on 2/12/10 and Iron Man on 2/24/10.  We have many customers that show up to 20-30 movies so all of these are separate products.


Our second type of agreement is a Master contract whereby a comany pays for 30 movies for the month of February and then later reports the screening information the next month.


For royalty purposes, we report the revenue to the studio by the screening date for the first type of contract and by the reported date for the second type of contract, but for the second type we still need to capture the screening dates for internal reporting purposes.


Right now I have 2 date fields at the opp product level.  "Start date" for contract 1 and "start date" and "screening date" for contract type 2.  The sales people have asked me if there is a way to autofill the start date for the second type of contract as it will always be the same and they don't want to have to key in 2 sets of dates when the order is for 40 movies (products).  Does anyone have a solution to this?  I have searched the community but can't find anything.


Any help would be much appreciated.

Hi all,


I was wondeirng if it would be possible to create a field lookup formula that would look at another record and return the value.  We have a custom object called Administrative_Tasks__c and within it is field with a percentage in it (Top_Heavy__c).  Currently, employees have to open the prior year record, look to see if Top_Heavy__c is greater than or equal to 60%.  If it is, they update the field Top_Heavy_Prior_Year__c in the current year's admin task with a Yes.  Administrative_Tasks__c are related to our Opportunities and each opportunity has an Administrative Task created at the beginning of each year.


Opportunity A:

- Admin Task 2008

- Admin Task 2009


The AdminTask name follows the format (OpportunityName-Year) so OpportunityA-2008 and OpportunityB-2009.


The ultimate solution would be to look at the value of the prior year's AdminTask's Top_Heavy__c.  If this value is 60% or greater, the current year's admin task record's Top_Heavy_Prior_Year__c field should be Yes.  Otherwise, no.


Sound doable?  Any help is appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

I have an existing application which i want to migrate it to "Force.com" app. Can you please let us know if it is doable or not. If Yes, please let me know the steps. Thanks in Advance. Azad Usman
  • January 14, 2010
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This is something that astounds me. Can someonn tell me if there is a way around?

Requirement: Opportunity Stage is set depending on bunch of 9 other picklist values (basically the rep picks the things that are done, and this in turn feeds/computes the stage).

Problem: Stage is a required field. Record cannot be saved without a value in it. Workflow field update and before triggers do not work.

Simple workaround: Set the default value of the stage on creation to the first stage. BUT this is not possible as stage default value cannot be set!!!!!Only scenario where an opportunity’s stage can be set by default is when doing a lead conversion. 

This is just unbelievable. Help!

PS: I have multiple record types for multple sales process.

Message Edited by witoutme247 on 01-13-2010 04:21 AM


I have imported few data sheets into SF - sandbox. But there are quite a lot of duplicates being created.

I want to delete the data using Apex Data Loader. I am new to the this data loader. When I login to the data loader and Use the 'Delete' option, it asks to select the SF object. This is fine. But then it also needs a CSV file. I am here to delete the data.(Not import/Update). Kindly help me


  • January 12, 2010
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I have a question pertaining to Lookup relationships and Lookup Dialogs.  I have provided an example of the table/object structure below and the scenario. 


A) GEO Object: (3 fields)


GEO Name    GEOID      Country

APAC            1000          Singapore

APAC            1500          Japan

EMEA            2000          UK

EMEA            2500          France

AMER            5000          Americas 


B) Incentive Object: (2 fields – the GEO field on this object is a lookup of the GEO Name on the GEO Object)


Incentive Name  GEO

IncABC                 APAC

IncDEF                 EMEA   



Scenario:I would like to click on the “look up” icon on the Incentive Object on the GEO field, and see a list of values from the GEO Object in the Lookup Dialog.  However, I would only like to see 3 values (APAC, EMEA, AMER) instead of all 5 entries (APAC, APAC, EMEA, EMEA, AMER).  Essentially performing a “select distinct” type lookup on a field in the GEO object.  


 Is this possible?  If yes, how can this be achieved.  I’ve read about the lookup filters but it is in beta and I’m not really sure if this can solve the problem of managing a “select distinct” type filter.


Thanks in advance.

  • December 28, 2010
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We currently have set up our org wide defaults for cases to Public/Read?Write. Everyone should be able to access the cases. These cases were opportunity specific. I am now creating cases that are internal only and do not relate to an opportunity. This new record type is for IT requests for our users. These IT requests I would like just the owner of the record and Admin to be able to view the issue. How can I set up my cases where the regular cases can be viewed by everyone but the IT requests only by the owner? 


I have tried the following:


I called SF basic support and they said you can not set up sharing rules based on record types. 


I tried adding the sharing button and tried to "unshare" users. I found that you can only add and not remove sharing settings.


What else can I do? Any suggestions?


Thank you in advance.

  • December 28, 2010
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Has anyone found a way to look up a field other then "Name" on a custom object?


I have a contact list (Excel) to import that has organization affiliations and donation hiatory in the spreadsheet cells.  When importing contacts, related object fields are not available to be picked as import destinations.  Is there a way of automatically importing these data, or do they need to be entered manually.

I just discovered how to turn a text formula field into an image. I have the formulas for the flag and the stop sign. Where can I find a whole list of these images? I would like to incorporate unique images per object.




  • December 22, 2009
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Is there any convention to save non salesforce users records or data when they are accessing a application through sites.




  • December 22, 2009
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Is there any way to mass delete records in a custom object (table)?  The Mass Delete feature under Setup -> Administration Setup -> Data Management -> Mass Delete Records  only seems to perform a mass delete for SDFC standard objects....


It is pretty painful to delete records one by one - phew!!



  • December 21, 2009
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   How one get custom object related activities into activity history? also how to add a custom button

on activity history related list?


any help would be great?





My Organization needs multiple custom applications that will have different custom objects.  



By default Salesforce.com has the following objects, Lead, Account, Opportunity.

We are interested in creating separate applications for each one of sales teams.



Currently we have 3 sales teams…Enterprise Sales, Graduate Sales, Observation Sales.

We want to create separate applications for each sales teams, along with separate “forms” aka….objects and fields..


We would like to set up the Graduate Sales team with the following objects.


Inquires, Students, and Courses


The following are true.  Inquires are equal to leads, students are equal to accounts and courses are equal to opportunities.

The issue we are running into is, “Convert” is not a standard button on a custom Object.  We have no way to convert Inquiry data over to Students and Courses.


I know by default this solution is built into Salesforce.com.  however I do not see this feature on custom objects and I cannot view the syntax of this button  on the default Lead Object.


Is this possible to solve.  Am I able to see the syntax and overview of how this is accomplished by the convert button on the Leads object?
Is it possible with workflow to email the Lead/contact owner off a campaign member object creation? 



Just wondering if the community would be interested in an independent social networking site with functions you know from Facebook, MySpace and so on


Best Regards


When I run lookup of an account in a sites VF page the search does not return any results. I have territory turned on.


It works fine in salesforce with the same VF page. I suspect that I need to assign my site user to a territory, but how?


I can not find a way to assign the site user to a territory anywhere.


Can someone point me in the right direction?





Stay-in-Touch is promising and has a lot of potential for our organization, particularly for our Managers who want to ensure we have up-to-date information for our Contacts.


However, it is still very limited due to the inability to customize the forms and remove the annoying "powered by Salesforce.com" links on the page at which the Contact arrives. 


As much as we like the concept, we cannot bombard our Contacts with Salesforce.com ads when asking them to provide us with even more (or updated) information.  The look and feel of the web form does not even allow us to put our company logo on the form.  It's quite frustrating.


I have already promoted an Idea, but have my doubts Salesforce will do anything with it.


I'm curious if other organizations / developers have done anything with Visualforce and/or Mass Communication templates and/or Sites to mimick this type of functionality.  Basically, we would like the ability to mass-email existing Contacts asking for updated information, direct them to a web form that we design, and have the data from those fields overwrite existing values on the corresponding Contact record in SFDC.


Does this sound like it is possible, and if so, how would you approach this?  If you have any ideas, I'd love to hear them.