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Hello Guys,


I want to ask if there is similar to describeSObject method for describing user-specified query statement. The statement will be used with the query method? If not, what is the solution in this case?





  • September 16, 2009
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I'm reviewing the new Bulk API being prepared for Winter '10 release and I see one major limitation. It expects the number of batches to be sent in advance. This implies you must have all data you want to load in advance, so you can determine how many batches you will need to upload the data. This requirement makes the Bulk API not usable when you want to stream data, without knowing in advance how much total data you have.


My question is to the developers of the Bulk API. Is there time left to extend the API to allow streaming of data? Is it possible to remove this requirement to submit the number of batches in advance?

  • September 10, 2009
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I have documents stored in SFDC and I would like to move them out.  Can I connect to FTP to move these files from SFDC..? Is so what is the URL and port to do this.  If not what are other alternatives in moving content out of SFDC?


Thank you!



Does anyone currently backup their SF database using DBamp or any similiar tool that is storing the backups through SQL Server?  I was thinking to get away from the manual download of backup zipfiles each week I could automate backups to a SQL Server database.nightly. In addition, perform a weekly complete backup to a separate backup database named with the date appended.  This give weekly snapshots just like the zipfiles.


I was hoping to get some feedback on computer purchases/architecture setup.  Keeping in mind that IT will not be involved.  In addition, do you know of any concerns that I should have

1. Purchase top end computer or stanard server (which is best)?

2. Purchase a backup drive for nightly incremental backups of the hard drive

3. Battery backup unit

4.  Install SQL Server Purchased version

5. Install DBamp

6. Right some SQL backup and restore stuff

7. Schedule the backups


Or would you recommend IT involvement?  IT currently does not support our SF ORG.

By know means am I a DBA but I have already set this all up on my own machine and it works with the exception of the actual scheduling.  Not being a DBA is what scares me because if I don't know much about the details of maintenance behind SQL Server and my primary job is being a developer then Admin.  I am just getting tired of manually downloading back up files every week.


Your feedback is appreciated as to help prevent any pit falls.




i have installed SQL Server 2005  and visual web developer express 2005 .i want to get data from SQL say one table account-accountname and address  into salesforce.How we can connect sqL server to salesforce.Is it possible.Give me  a solution asap

  • January 28, 2011
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I'm working on an ODA plugin for the BIRT project.


The nature of the ODA requires a prepare() of the query to collect a list of fields and the field's data type before rows are read in.


Does there exist any Partner API that would return a sample QueryResult (metadata QR) that has no null objects?

I can't just run the query and traverse the first row.

   select name, (select status from Account.Cases) from Account

   If the first Account has no Cases, then I will never know that there is a status Field returned.


My only options appear to be

1) read all of the rows until there are no null SObjects then start over for the execute()

2) do a massively complex bit of String parsing to find all the Fields in the SelectClauses and then parse and match those to the intended SObject and get the dataType binding.describeSObject("SObject").getFields()[1-n].getType()


The first is too inefficient to consider.

The second is proving too complex.  Every time I find a query that does not work, I realize a major assumption about the syntax is invalid and must rework my whole algorithm. 


BTW: The BNF is incomplete.

This is not accounted for (among, I'm sure several others):

SELECT Id, Name FROM Account WHERE Id IN (SELECT AccountId FROM Opportunity )



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Trying to connect to salesforce Sandbox using CozyRoc my user name is like test@test.com.swsandbox.When i am checking for connection testing it is sucessful.

However, when i am trying to save that connection i am gettin error "Please specify  a server user name"


I am using Cozyroc 1.4. Any Suggestion?? 

Hello Guys,


I want to ask if there is similar to describeSObject method for describing user-specified query statement. The statement will be used with the query method? If not, what is the solution in this case?





  • September 16, 2009
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I am using Apache Axis to access the Web Services API.  However, I believe my question is not specific to the Java API, and is applicable to all Web Service clients.

I am using the partner.wsdl Version 16.0.

Is there a way for a Web Service query() method call to return the metadata of the SOQL query?  Specifically, the fields that were requested in joined object.  My issue is that if the joined object has no rows, then all I get back in the SOAP message is an empty object.

For example:
    I have two Account objects: with name/billingcity "Acct A"/"Boston" and "Acct B"/"New York".
    And "Acct A" has two Contact objects, but "Acct B" has no Contact objects.

If I query for:
    select a.Name, a.BillingCity, (Select Email, LastName From Contacts) from Account a where a.Name = 'Acct A'
I will get back the Name and BillingCity of the Account, along with the Email and LastName of both the Contacts.  From this data, I can interpret that the SOQL query asked for these four fields.

However, If I query for:
    select a.Name, a.BillingCity, (Select Email, LastName From Contacts) from Account a where a.Name = 'Acct B'
I will get back the Name and BillingCity of the Account, along with an empty Contact XML node.  From this data, I have no way of knowing the SOQL query asked for Contact Email and LastName.

I need this metadata to present back to my client the list of fields that they requested, even if the object/fields are null.

Is there a way for me to get this metadata?




I am trying to consuming the apex APIs in the SSIS packages (2008). I included a script task in my code. In the script task I added the Web Reference using the WSDL from salesforce.com. But in my .cs file its not able to recognize


sforce.SforceService class. In the Object Browser too I do not see this class under sforce.


Could someone please help in how to get the reference included in the code.




We are trying to do some data integration between salesforce and our database. We use SQL SSIS packages to connect to Salesforce.com.  

To order to access salesforce.com webservice from SQL SSIS package, we need to have .asmx link(URL) for enterprise.wsdl  and dll file of salesforce webservice.

We need to reference saleforce dll to access web methods from VB scripts. We cannot use wdsl file in SSIS. We need to have .asmx url.

Where can I get dll file and .asmx link for enterprise.wsdl file.
Help me please.
Thank you.
I am trying to connect to salesforce.com through SSIS. I have access  to wsdl files at AppSetup/API/ . Would you tell me which wsdl file to use /download ? Also, where can I get .asmx link for those wsdl files or  How can I derive web method from wsdl files?
Pls help.
Thank you.

Message Edited by molamola on 07-30-2008 10:50 AM
Hi Everyone,

I'm new to Salesforce development and I hope this is the proper place to post my question, if not please let me know and I'll post accordingly.

Does anyone know how I can connect to my salesforce instance with SQL server.  I'm currently trying to figure out how we can do custom analystics using MS SQL Analysis Services and I would like to be able to pull in all of our salesforce data.  The specific tools i'm using are SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services) with Business development studio.  Further, I thought I might be able to connect to the salesforce web service using the web services event within SSIS and it appears with template supports very few web services outside of the microsoft world.

Any help greatly appreciate!, Thanks.

Does anyone know any components besides the Adaptorworx component for SSIS Packages.
Hopefully this is the right place to post data extraction questions?
My task is to be able to automate the export of salesforce.com object tables into a MS SQL Server (currently 2005) database tables for backups and adhoc local reporting.  In addition, I need to automate the import process for a nightly sync between a few local information tables and salesforce. 
My requirements are:
- Process should be fully automated
- Process should be able to execute daily (nice to have incremental rather than full copy for export)
- On success or failure of extraction, some individuals should be notified
Currently, I've been trying to use Data Loader version 7, which now has the functionality to connect to databases through a JDBC connector.  However, the examples given are for connecting to Oricale, and I'm not sure what provider / connection string I need to use to connect to MS SQL Server? 
For my requirements, I heard about dbAmp and was wondering whether it's a better fit for what I'm doing? 
Your comments are more than appreciated,
Many thanks,

Hi all, Has anyone tried using DBAmp with SQL Server 2005 Integration Services? It seems to be fine as a source but I can't get it to work as an OLE DB destination. I can call up the list of tables and select one but when I try to access the "Mappings" dialog I get this error:

Error at Package [Connection manager SALESFORCE.user.name@org.com]:

An OLE DB error has occurred. Error code: 0x80040E22. An OLE DB record is available. Source: "Microsoft OLE DB Service Components" Hresult: 0x80040E22 Description: "Non-NULL controlling IUnknown was specified, and either the requested interface was not IUnknown, or the provider does not support COM aggregation.".

Error at data flow [OLE DB Destination [490]]: The AcquireConnection method call to the connection manager "SALESFORCE.user.name@org.com" failed with error code 0xC0202009.


Exception from HRESULT: 0xC020801C (Microsoft.SqlServer.DTSPipelineWrap)

I think I'll look to get round this by encapsulating the updates/creates in stored procedures but I wondered if anyone else had come across the issue.




  • January 31, 2006
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