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We have integrated sfdc with a document management sytem and a erp system.  We have integrated this via a portal solution.


We want to make sure that when a full copy is done from production to for instance the training sandbox dat training (integration) data is NOT placed in our integrated production environment!

Therefore I want to know in an apex class in which sfdc sandbox (or production) the apex class is running. For now I use the Userinfo.getUsername() call to determine the sandbox because the sandbox name should be placed behind the email adress.


Is this a solid method? Is there anothe api call which i can do to retrieve the current contex?


I am also interested in experiences on how to configure test/acceptance/production in integrated environments where SFDC is one of the systems





Hey all,
I have been trying to use the Salesforce.com API in order to retrieve a user's Personal Groups.
I have looked through all of the queries and am unable to find a query to do this.
Where could I retrieve this from?