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We currently use another system to book our contracts.  Force.com uses their own contract number and we would like to use our contract number as the primary key for the contract. 


Since our contract numbers are based on some of the required custom fields that we built, I was wondering how it could be coded in APEX.  I have pseudo code already written.



public class ContractNaming {
  public static void addContractNaming(Contract[] contractnaming) {
    for (Contract a.Name) {
      if (a.Name != '0')
        a.Name = (Concantenate {!Account.Global_Customer_Number__c},
          {!Contract.Contract_Master__c}, {!Contract.Contract_Rider__c},

trigger contractNumberTrigger on Contract (before insert) {


Does anyone have an suggestions

I'd like to automatically format the Account Name field in the standard Accounts object based on the value of a few select custom fields.


This is something I'd normally create a formula for, but there's no way to do that on standard field as far as I can see.


Basically, let's say I'm editing or creating a new account inside salesforce.com -- I have the following custom fields:



First Name

Last Name





I'd like to set it up so the standard account name fields gets updated via JavaScript as the values in those custom fields are modified.


Is this possible, or a pipe dream?