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I'm using the "Force.com for Google Maps and Earth" code share project pretty much verbatim. (I'd post the code here, but it would just be a copy of what's in the code share project.) The project includes a trigger on the Account object so that whenever an Account's billing address changes, geocoding information is computed and stored in the Account. This worked just fine yesterday, but today, when I change an Account's billing address, the Google Maps API returns a G_GEO_TOO_MANY_QUERIES error.

According to the Google Maps API documentation, "Requests made in excess of your daily and instantaneous throughput limits may return a 620 (G_GEO_TOO_MANY_QUERIES)." I've tried this in two different developer orgs (which happen to be on two different Salesforce instances), and I get the same error in both places. I'm only updating one Account at a time, using the standard UI, so it seems unlikely that I'm personally exceeding some limit.

What determines whether you've gone over the daily limit? If other Salesforce orgs are on the same instance as me (and thereforce issue requests from the same URL and use the same API key), do their requests contribute to a single daily limit?

Is there anything I can do to reset this error, or do I have to wait a day for it to clear on its own?