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Thank you for helping out on our questions. We are benchmarking a few data integration solutions now, finding most of these tools interesting. 

We have been looking at open source solutions and are wondering which of the proprietary or open source solutions could be best for us to use. Knowing that our company is growing with an even more important client base. 

Thank you.
  • December 28, 2010
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Thank you all for your advice. It has been helpful to read you. 
I think we will be looking into open source data integration as it seems to be the most flexible option in regards to our business. 

A question: what are the assistance and training capabilities open source software gives to their users? We have downloaded a few solutions - downloads include Talend we are enjoying - we are testing and feel that one day, we might need a better insight of the software. 

Thank you for your help.
  • December 16, 2009
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I have been looking for a data integration / transfer program able to help with Salesforce.
I have had some advice but have not found the right software yet.  

The main feature is being able to migrate important quantities of contacts and data on a daily basis. The migration would be done manually. 

Thank you for your help!
  • December 03, 2009
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I am currently under Outlook and would like to use salesforce.
How can I transfer my contacts onto it?
Thanks a lot.
  • November 24, 2009
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Hello to all, 

I have been using Talend now for a few months and am very happy with the software. I have seen on the website (http://www.talend.com/partners/index.php ) the page on the Talend certification and the exam. 

I'm pretty curious to see what it takes to take the exam, if you need to be REALLY good at Talend. Also I'm not sure if the exam is available for everyone and if it is free or paying. 

Maybe someone here has an idea about that? Thanks a lot.

We are trying to find an ETL tool open source. Basically, we need our software to perform ETL, data migration and data synchronization. 

The program should not be used on larger projects. A few open source tools are on the market. 

Some ideas? Thanks.