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How do I create a workflow formula which will create a 'alert' or 'message' in the UI to the user when they enter text in a particular field?



If Feature_Description_c contains 'text' then the folllowing alert or message: 'To complete request, click on Submit for Approval button display in the Approval History section on the detail page  ( wihich will appear to the user in the UI (on the edit page layout).


I am new to creating workflow formulas and appreciate the help.


Any help is appreciated in advance! 




is there way in Salesforce to create a workflow rule that sends an email alert to a specific user  




Any time an opportunity is modified? I'm talking about SPECIFIC FIELDS that are modified. 


For Example: I'm a salesperson, and I just modifed the "Start of Production" field, or the"Amount" field. Ideally, the email alert would look something like this; 


Subject: Opportunity Modified 


Text: "Owner" just modified the "Start of Production" field, 11/27/12 at 1:10pm. 



Experts? Are you out there???? Please help. 


Beers on me. 






I got a request from a user to remove some people from getting emails when there are new case comments. I've spent about 2 hours trying to figure out how to do this. No luck. 


Any help would be much appreciated. 






I ran into a problem that Admin created a workflow to update owner field of a custom object to a public Queue. Now how a member of the queue will claim the ownership of  any of the Record of the Custom Object? Will the ownership be automatically assigned to the first user access the record or there is any standard button to claim the ownership or the accessing user has to manually change the owner field to him/her self? If the last one is the solution then what if the accessing user is assigned to a profile not having Transfer Record Administrative Permission but is the member of the queue?


Can somebody help me out of this.



Hi all


I've got a SF to SF connection established with cases, accounts, and contacts published and mapped.


According to the SF documentation, child records are supposed to be automatically shared.


However, when I transfer cases, the contact info is showing up blank.


Can anyone give me any clues as to why the child records are not sharing?


1. Director should have ability to search accounts(entire company account),  but those account should not display into his/her account tab. The entire company account search is required When

(a) Director affiliate an account with account and click on "affiliation lookup button.
(b) Director conduct   "advance search" of an Account.

2.Directoraccount tab display only only his/her reporting sales rep accounts. This part I have resolved.

Anybody know is this possible.


i create two account record type  A & B and i need to set all old accounts as an A records

i taked the id of record A and exported all old accounts and update the recordtypeID.

but one time , i update records with dataloader  , i find that the records are not updated

i try in second time to make a workflow without success!!

is there an other solution???


I know that this contradicts the SF documentation which states that a User's username must be unique across all organizations, however I am finding that this is not true when the user is created using Site.createPortalUser from a Site self-registration page.  For example, I have an SF developer account that I created last year using my personal email address. When I login to SF and look at the username for my User record it is my personal email address.  If I try to create a new developer account at login.salesforce.com using that same email address I am prevented from doing so. So far so good.


However, I also have a Site associated with a different SF organization, and this Site allows user's to self-register using their email address. The email address is currently being used as the Username when the User is created. When self-registering from this Site, I am able to register using the same personal email address that was already used when I set up my developer SF account. I am however prevented from duplicating that Username within that organization.


I have screenshots showing the same Username being used in two different SF accounts, so believe me this is happening. I am speculating that the reason that this works is because when you come in via the login.salesforce.com url, the organization wide uniqueness of the Username must be enforced because the Username is used to identify and route the user to the org that the he belongs to. However when you come in via the Site url, the organization is already known, so cross-organization uniqueness is not checked when the user is created.


Can anyone from Salesforce comment on this? Have I found a loophole that will be closed, or is this the way that things work?



  • June 25, 2012
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I am trying to add a field update to a workflow that will copy data from one field if the check box is Not checked. 


If Different Out Product field is Not checked, then update Part Numbers with data from Outgoing Product. If box is checked let rep enter data into Part Numbers field.


Any suggestions?




  • February 28, 2012
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I justed mass updated all of our tasks and the last modified date got udpated as well, which I did not intend to happen.  I have all the previous last modified dates, but can not seem to figure out how to update them using the Apex Data Loader.  I have even created a custom field object, but can't seem to get the apex data loader to map to that field.  Any help would be appreciated so my sales team doesn't eat me alive!

Case Merge Premium seems great, but it's way too expensive. Does anyone have a way to do this, perhaps with Apex? 

I am trying to create a custom link on the Account Object to create a new Child Account and prepopulate some of the fields in the Child object from data in the Parent account.


I cannot locate many of the field ID's in the View Source.

I can find the custom fields but it appears that the ID's for the standard fields are giving me problems.


Fields like

  • Parent
  • Billing Address


Is there a better way to find those field ID's than View Source? Or can someone tell me the secret sauce in View Source?




I am trying to create a custom detail page button called Create Opportunity on Campaign object. So when the user clicks it opens the opportunity object with the linked Campaign name. 

Both the related Opportunity and Campaign objects are in the related list. I know if the user scroll down in Campagns they could click on the NEW in the Oppportunity sections and that will work the same way. I just want to make it convenient for them to be able to have the button at the top.

This is what currently have but it doesn't seem to be pulling the Campaign Name.


var records = {!GETRECORDIDS( $ObjectType.Campaign)}


Can some help me with this?




I have enabled and configured Entitlment Management in developer instance. Everything (Model, Milestones, Process and Entitlement) has been setup correclty. I have added Entitlement and Milestone related fileds and related list on case page layout correctly. However, I am not able to assign Entitlement on Case record because 'Entitlement Name' field is not displayed on page layout (edit/detail) even it has been included. Other entitlement related fields like Entitlement Process Start Time and Entitlement Process End Time also been included but not displayed on actual layout. 


This issue looks weird but not finding the root cause. If anyone has any idea about the issue kindly let me know.






I am trying to create a workflow for an incoming case as followed:


Case comes in -> if case is red -> send email with case comments each day until case is closed. 


The case object and rules are there, its the generating email part that I can't seem to figure out. Is this something I will need to code on my own or does salesforce have this and I am just missing it? 


I tried to search but came up empty handed. 






I am trying to write a trigger that will send an Email to the associated contact on 'status' change. I have defined the email template in the My Templates


The problem I am facing is that, that the Email template does not provide an option to set the FROM Email Name and email address. Hence when the trigger fires, it sends the email using the system admin name and email id.


I want the email to be sent using the name 'CUSTOMER CARE' and using the email 'customercare@company.com'.

How to achieve this?


Secondly, which is the right way to store the templates, in My Templates or in Communication Templates -> Email Templates?





  • October 27, 2011
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I have a custom object that I want to be associated to a Contact (via a Lookup field), but I also want to be strongly tied to the Contact's Account.  What is the best way to do this?


I understand that I can access the Contact's Account information via a relationship query, but I can see benefits to adding a 2nd lookup field for the Account.  For example, this would give me the ability to add a related list to the Account layout displaying the custom objects.


I see similarities between my situation and the standard Salesforce Case object has lookups for both the Account and Contact.


I am looking for suggestions on the right way to do this.  Should I create a trigger that defaults the associated Account when a Contact is set?  Should I filter the Contact lookup by the associated Account?  Should I use a single Contact lookup field and use relationship queries to access the associated Account?


Thanks in advance.

  • August 24, 2011
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The custom field type "Picklist" saves its values as Strings. How can I save number values into the database, but having String captions for the picklist?


For example:


The picklist has the following captions:







When the user picks "Worse" I want the custom field to be saved as 1 into the database, when he picks "Bad" it should be saved as 2, and so on...

I want to add a query to my web to case for on our website that will look for the contact based on their email and populate the contact id.  How can I do this?



1) Whenever i add invitees to an event and notify them, an invite is send to the invitees. The invitation by default has salesforce.com branding. I want to use our own branding rather than salesforce's. Is this possible? I dont find any default email template or so in the communication templates realted to this. So wondering how this could be customized.


2) Also, in the invite, there is a line stating, "To view the meeting details or to accept / decline this meeting, click here". Upon clicking this, a page opens up (see the image), url is something like, https://na3.salesforce.com/home/eventresponse.jsp?p2=XKHWnsZIj0000000000000034D12456


How can i customize the above image or page so that i dont see salesforce's branding.



  • April 04, 2011
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We are trying to figure out what happened as the main stake holders for the sandbox can not access it as it says it is locked? No one seems to know how this could have happened.


How do we have this unlocked?



Hello All,


I used assignement rules inside of my Sandbox that when a case equals X criteria that it should add a predefined team to the case team members. The rule is active it is pretty simple criteria if escalated case (Picklist) equals X then add the case team. However it is not firing, I am curious as to wether this is a Sandbox bug and if I push this to production that it will have the same issue.


Any thoughts? It is the only rule in the assignements and it is active.





Once a record meets the X criteria, I want it to automatically enter the approval process instead of the user pressing the button.


Is the only way to accomplish this through a trigger?






Most of our templates were created with the encoding of General US & Western Europe (ISO-8859-1, ISO-LATIN-1), however we are now noticing that it does not support Russian or Chinese characters as the are coming out as ???????. I tested out Unicode (UTF-8) and it appears to work fine. Just want to make sure that I won’t break anything by switching all templates to Unicode as it appears to support all languages? Is this the catch all I hope it is without any unforeseen issues?








Hello All,


Something weird started happening not to long ago for some users - Possibly users using 2010 version only?


When the file opens from the View, the user can see the file just fine, they click on "Enable Editing" and it automatically converts to HTML.


The only way to save it properly is to do a right click on the View button and a save as without being able to preview the file.


This was not the case before and you typically could just do a save as after enabling edit.


Any ideas or setting that can be changes?



My boss approached me about setting up multiple business hours by regions. Basically we have 3 major regions, EMEA, APAC, Americas. He wants it so that if the account is in a particular region the first response time, workable time, case age, and other time metrics run off of those regions business hours.


Any exsisting apps that would accomplish this? Any thoughts on how to achive this?



Hello All,


I am working passing cases from one org to the other.


The case details pass over just fine, however the related account and contact is lost on the exchange.


I thought if we created an identical External ID in both systems then we can pass this across right?


We attempted to pass the external ID into the Account ID on the case, but this didnt seem to work.


Am I headed down the right direction? Or way off and this is not going to work for us?




Hey All,


Dont know if I am brain farting on this or it is just that cumbersome?


I want to create a duration report for a custom pick list value. I have a field on the case object and they want to know how long a case sat in the same pick list value.


I can’t seem to find a way to do this as it is not the status field... But the same principle.


Is the only way to create custom date fields and have them populate when the picklist values change?



 Hello All,


I am creating a custom object to track trade in programs. Is there a way to add a thread ID so that when e-mail that are sent from this object are replied to that it auto associates back to the existing Trade in record?




Hey All,


Thanks for taking the time to read this.


I have a custom object called product issues that has many relationships to cases, however cases have a single relationship to Product Issue object.


Now since there is not a case lookup field on Product Issues, only a related list. How do I set the relationship in a custom URL button this way? I have done it on a 1 to 1, where I pass the ID into the lookup field on the new object.


I need it so that when a user clicks on the "New Product Issue" button that it carriers over some fields from the case into the product issue and then adds the case to the related list.


Basically, how do I do this if there is no case lookup field on the PI object?






Sometimes when users are opening attachements ect, a strange error appears that basically ask the user to sign in.


It is a windows error that is referencing Windows Security, the user enters in their SFDC login credentials and everything works.


Any ideas on how to prevent this?


Thanks for the help!



Hey All,


So I have a question regarding change sets, if I merge pick list options in the sandbox and change the dependent fields on the pick list, when I push this field to Production, will the values auto merge and the dependencies carry through too?




Just curious on the best approach for some one to learn VF along with the controllers? Night school? if so what types of classes?

Hey All,


Having some issues, I need to be able to calculate the average time by case status... Simple? Hahaha... Heres the issue we are facing. When running a case history report I used a matrix report but the issue is if the case is saved or escalated in a single status, it creates multiple times for that case.


Therefore if a case is opened and re-saved as New you now have two time stamps for that one case for the duration, and if you average that it is way low...


I am wondering if anyone has a formula they use in the report, or if what I am trying to do is even possible?



SalesForce.com Business Analyst

Public Company; 1001-5000 employees;

June 2010Present (1 year 11 months)

The owner of implemetation and design for SalesForce.com across the company spanning multiple division.

• Managed four SFDC instances with 500+ users combined, and 5k+ portal users
• Create custom objects to maintain business processes not housed natively within SFDC
• Responsible for designing the system to house multiple division with their own record types, layouts, and business processes
• Provided divisions with best practice solutions as related to Salesforce.com
• Act as an internal consultant for all division that chose to move their CRM to SalesForce.com as all division act as their own company.
• Experienced in Administration setup like; Managing Users, Security Controls and Data Management, Customer Portals, Workflows, Formulas, and Approval Processes.

• Experienced in Advanced Administration setup like; Multiple Price books, Mulitiple Currancies, Translation workbench, • Drive the integration between InContact IVR and SalesForce.com utilizing the CTI adapter
• Manage Implementation projects for InContact across the company


SDFC Certified 201

Soon to be 301



Looking for some ways to handle this issue:

If a case is status is either (Awaiting Customer Response, Solution Provided) we want the system to send them a e-mail in the following order.


1) At Save (This is the easy one)
2) 24 Hours Later (If the Status has not changed)
3) 48 Hours Later (If the Status has not changed)
4) at 120 hours if the case status has not changed, we want in to send out a new template to the contact that we will be closing the case, then have the system update the status of the case to closed.


What would you suggest? Time based Workflows will not work because they are added to the queue at the save date regardless if the status changes they will continue to fire through all 4 steps. The Case escalation process will not work because you can only select licensed users to notify and does not support field updates.

My developer said a trigger wouldnt work unless it has a scheduler, but he is worried that this would affect the 500 e-mail daily email limit.



Hey all,


It appears to me that the Territory sharing rules do not work the way I had expected.


I have two top level territories with multiple sub territories.


My plan was to share the top level territories to the support groups that work with those accounts. But when I made the sharing rule to share the top territory A with Support group A, none of the accounts were visible to support group A. When I shared top level B with Support group B, none were visible to that group either.


If I look at the top level territory A, I see hundred of accounts, so I know they are rolling up to the top level as expected. It just appears that sharing the top level does not grant the support groups the ability to actually see the account inside?


Am I wrong in thinking that this is how it should work?



I dont know if I am having a brain dead day, or if this is as hard as it seems...


I need a report that shows customers that have purchased product "A" and do not have product "B" already. Then we can send out a mailer to these customer to buy our new "B" product that is a add on to product "A".





So I am reading the Editions and Limits and just found that you can only have 50 active workflow rules per object? I counted mine and I am at 86 active rules on the Case object.


So does this mean some are not working? Or has this changed and our contract is gransfathered to earlier limit that may have been greater?



RestrictionsPersonal EditionContact ManagerGroup EditionProfessional EditionEnterprise EditionDeveloper EditionUnlimited Edition
Active Rules

(Limits apply to any combination of active workflow, assignment, auto-response, and escalation rules.

N/AN/AN/A50 per object50 per object50 per object50 per object
Total Rules Allowed

(Limits apply to any combination of workflow, assignment, auto-response, and escalation rules, both active and inactive.)

N/AN/AN/A300 per object

1,000 per organization

300 per object

1,000 per organization

300 per object

1,000 per organization

300 per object

1,000 per organization




We have two types of parts, OEM and Standard. A product can only belong to one or the other, but an Opportunity can contain both, so I had to use one pricebook. I have a field on Accounts called "Discount Level" I want this discount level applied to all product added to a Opp when that account is selected; as the discount level varies by account. But the discount can only pertain to the "Standard" parts. So when a standard part is added to the Opp it pulls the discount automatically.

I can’t seem to figure out a way to do this without a Trigger, is that correct?



 Hello All,


I am creating a custom object to track trade in programs. Is there a way to add a thread ID so that when e-mail that are sent from this object are replied to that it auto associates back to the existing Trade in record?






I have a requirement to schedule a report to 20 users at a time every week. Could anyone tell me what is the limitation on the total number of email notifications that can be sent for a scheduled report at a time.




  • December 11, 2013
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Good afternoon, 


I'm trying to create a custom "new" button on a parent record that when clicked it goes to the record type selection page instead of the new child record page.


what i have so far is:




where Sales Order is the parent record.  So when pressed, it goes to the child record and on Save it goes back to the Parent record, which is what i was needing.  But my child record have multiple record types, so will need to be able to select the record type first.  Does anyone have a way to bring up the record selection page on custom button.


thanks everyone

We had a situation where one of the user erroneously changed the ownership of an case form portal user to himself. He tried to change the ownership back to the Portal user, but the Lookup on the Change Owner page didn’t find the Portal user.

can anyone tell why he can't find the portal user ?


I want update only one field  edit in a object and the remaining fields are readonly.How to achieve this one.



I can make readonly ------->Giving readonly permission to that objet


But---->I want only one can make edit and update by the users.


Any idea welcome.




  • August 27, 2013
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It may sound really stupid, but I had this doubt while customizing a report.


Question: Is there any way we can customize the date range (From & To) in report 'Standard Filters' to show past & future dates as we want?


I know the page section header says its Standard Filter and provides an indication that it is set by default by Salesforce.com, but we know it is possible to modify the Range (by changing Fiscal Period definitions). So, here goes my question again, is the date range something customizable in Salesforce.com?


Thanks a lot for your replies!




  • August 27, 2013
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When user refreshes dashboard and then after some time re-logins to website, data in dashboard is still as of time of last refresh, not as of current time.

Is there a way to refresh dashboard on user's relogin?

  • August 20, 2013
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I've just set up web-to-lead, and created a Lead Assignment Rule to route new leads to a Queue in SalesForce.

The leads are successfully being entered into the queue, however the automatic email notification of queue members isn't working. The "Send Email to Members" box is selected  and a relevant email address supplied. I also assigned email template. I also made the changes in lead settings .

Are there any other settings I need to look at?



Hi ,


I am setting up case assignment rules to setup account owners for different record types.



Action Order Criteria Assign To Email Edit | Del AND(ISNEW(), RecordType.DeveloperName ="x") xqueue Edit | Del AND(ISNEW(), RecordType.DeveloperName = "y") Yqueue Edit | Del AND( ISNEW(), RecordType.DeveloperName= "z") zqueue

This assingment rule works correctly and assigns right owner when i create a new case record.


But when I edit save the same Case record it reassigns the case owner to Default Case owner.


Can any one advise on this!!!

Hello All,


I used assignement rules inside of my Sandbox that when a case equals X criteria that it should add a predefined team to the case team members. The rule is active it is pretty simple criteria if escalated case (Picklist) equals X then add the case team. However it is not firing, I am curious as to wether this is a Sandbox bug and if I push this to production that it will have the same issue.


Any thoughts? It is the only rule in the assignements and it is active.



i want to show a dashboard with how many active users login with in last week.There is a standard report in administrative reports with users login within last week.but it is showing individual users how many times login with in last week but i want to show how many users(in numbers) Number of times Login with in last week.
For example:- in X-axis out of 10 active users 5 active users login so i want to show 5 number in x axis and in y-axis how many times that 5 active users login in that last week.

how many workflows and workflowapprovals i can create in once organization and how many workflows and workflowapprovals are activate..?

My Problem is as follows:


5 values on the multi-select picklist in the Account field "Use Cases"


Cloud Migration

Cloud Disaster Recovery

Cloud DevTest-DevOps

Cloud Bursting



I want to map the values from this account field to the same titled field on the opportunity page.


I have played around with the "IF()" function and "INCLUDES()" function, but it does not seem to be working.


I have several errors that keep coming up, and although this might seem like a simple formula I think, I really just need to know how to make this work? Thank you anyone for your help!


How can i hide the field named 'lead status' in one of the page layouts. This field typs is picklist and it was made as required for all the other page layouts. 


How can i remove this field in a particular page layout.

Please educate me on this



Thank you


  • July 30, 2013
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How we can use External id in our organization, please give me one example??????????? 

  • July 25, 2013
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Can a Customer Portal User can have access to create an account.

Here i have an scenrio of one of the client:

--> We need to provide an customer portal license to the Account XYZ which will be an Parent Account

--> XYZ logins through customer portal to add some more child account.


So how to enable customer portal license to give access to create Child Account .


How do I create a workflow formula which will create a 'alert' or 'message' in the UI to the user when they enter text in a particular field?



If Feature_Description_c contains 'text' then the folllowing alert or message: 'To complete request, click on Submit for Approval button display in the Approval History section on the detail page  ( wihich will appear to the user in the UI (on the edit page layout).


I am new to creating workflow formulas and appreciate the help.


I'm trying to create a report to compare sales for the previous year's quarter to the current year's quarter or previous year's month to current year's month but am having a hard time making it work. I created a report using the time frame of Current and Previous CY. Then I grouped by the Close Date - Calendar Year and another group by on Close Date(2) - Calendar Month in Year. The problem with it is that it shows all months for last year but I really only want to compare January, 2011 - June, 2011 to January, 2012 - June, 2012. Is there a way to do this. Also, I'd really like to be able to compare Q1-2011 vs Q1-2012. Is that possible?