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I need some help (desperately)....


I have our quotes set up as opportunities that are batch loaded daily.  The unique identifier (key) for my company is the account number.  The data being imported may or may not match the name of the account set up in SF.  I want the account name in opportunities to autopopulate based on the account number.  I also want that opportunity to be linked to the account master record.


I contacted SF help desk and they told me to create a custom object formula but I really do not know where to begin with this process. 


Can anyone help?


Thank you!


I have a Custom Object Called Services_Selection which is a Master/Detail to an Account.


When a certain field in Account is updated or changed (for instance a field called "Base Fee"), I want to update a field in all the related Services_Selection records.  


Since I am not aware on how to write this code I will explain it out:


When Account.BaseFee is changed/updated,


Set Services_Selection.Field1 = Services_Selection.Field2


Loop this until all child records are updated.  


If you have any questions, I will be glad to answer. Thanks in advance


Thank you,




  • April 27, 2010
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