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Hello all,


I have been looking for a way to mimic the out of the box behavior of the Activities List View (You can get to this from the calendar link on the homepage.


We would like a datatable that scrolls both horizontally and vertically, but the column headings always stay at the top regardless of scrolled position.  It would be great if we could also have fixed row headings.

Would there be any downside to creating a seperate class from your controller to handle the data manipulation?


for example:

public class DataLayer { public void updateList(List<SObject> aList) {update aList;} }



This new class could either be abstract or an inner class,


basically it would serve the purpose of moving all data interaction through a class (layer) so you could do quick trigger like things without creating triggers


Does this approach cause any type of issue or problem?  I am not asking if it is redundant, just if there is anything wrong with doing it that way.




Is there any way in the eclipse Force.com IDE to group classes into folders?


We have over 100 classes and would like to introduce some maintainability.