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We are looking for a PRM Consultant for a short-term project.  

Required: expertise in Channel Management processes.

Must have completed several, referenceable PRM implementations.
Please reply to      jobs@cloudysoft.com 

Seeking experienced Force.com developers, preferably in the SF Bay Area.  This is a part-time contract position.

Experience with Apex, Visual Force, and Salesforce.APIs is required.  Strengths in systems thinking and object oriented programming are highly valued.


* Apex, Visual Force, Salesforce APIs.
* Web Services, Integrations, HTML, and JavaScript.
* Salesforce Certification a plus:  Certified Developer
* Proficient with complete web application development
* Bachelor's degree in computer science or related field
* 5+ years in software development or IT industry

This is a part-time, contract position.

My company has 60 branches across USA. Every user in Salesforce.com needs to be assigned to a branch. I have a custom object for branch that houses branch data (address, phone, fax, name, region etc). It looks like I am not able to add a lookup relationship in User as a custom field so that I can assign every user a branch.


So, what I thought I could do alternatively is link branches and users. I decided to create a junction object with two master detail relationships. One with user and second one with the Branch custom object.


However, l can't even do the junction object since the User object is not available in the drop-down list for master-detail relationship. I believe there must be some reason behind this design but this creates a problem for me.


Since the company keeps realigning branches and opening new ones, closing old ones etc all the time, creating a role hierarchy for 60 branches is not feasible.


How to best achieve what I need? Any help?