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The following simple tabPanel doesn't work in our full sandboxes in FF 3.6.2, Chrome 5, or IE 7.  In my developer sandbox, the code works fine (and I have a much more complex set of tabs).



<apex:page standardController="Account" showHeader="true" tabStyle="account">

<!-- Create Tab panel -->

<apex:tabPanel switchType="server" selectedTab="name1" id="AccountTabPanel">

<apex:tab label="One" name="name1" id="tabOne">content for tab one</apex:tab>

<apex:tab label="Two" name="name2" id="tabTwo">content for tab two</apex:tab>




Clicking an inactive tab doesn't work - actually, the error is thrown before click at mouseover.  Here is the error that is reported by IE:

Line: 106
Error: Object doesn't support this property or method

In FF, FireBug reports "element.hasClassName is not a function" on load and on hover, "elementClassName is undefined".

Anybody else having this problem? Once again, both our full sandboxes have this issue, but a developer sandbox works fine.  All 3 sandboxes are on Spring 10.


This seems similar to this post, but is affecting multiple browsers and is a much newer release: 

tabPanel broken in IE7


Thank you. 


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Message Edited by empiimp11 on 03-31-2010 05:14 PM

I'm using the partner.wsdl to make a soap request from Java to the API to get information about a user based on their session id.  One of the things I'm retrieving is an Org ID to make sure its within a known and trusted set.  Just recently it seems that something may have changed with what is returned from the getOrganizationId() call.  The value returned no longer seems to match the Org ID listed in Salesforce.com under Setup > Company Information.  I am now seeing 3 characters appended to the valid org id string; EA0 in one case and EA2 in another.  Has anyone else seen this? 

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I created a package in my developer account and uploaded it. I was trying to install it in my org account, but I get the following error:
"This package is not yet available. Please wait, or contact the package owner."

I have uploaded the same package many times before and this is simply the latest version. I added a few triggers since the last version, but nothing substantial. I have experienced temporary delays before, but not this long (24 hours).

If I try and install the package back into my developer account (on 'na5'), it finds it. If I try to install it in my second developer account (on 'na2'), I also get an error. My org account is on the 'ssl' server.

I will try uploading it with the same elements as in the last working version and see what that does.

Any other ideas? Thanks in advance.

Here is a screenshot for one version of the error:

Here is a screenshot for a similar error I got one time, even though I was trying to upload the same elements as above: