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I am trying to write a validation formula that will allow two format types for UK phone numbers, these are;

01234 567890 and 0123 456 7890.


Whilst I can write a validation rule for one format type; 


NOT(REGEX(Phone, "\\d{4}( \\d{3})( \\d{4})")).


I cannot seem to write a rule that will allow for two. I had tried;


OR(NOT(REGEX(Phone, "\\d{4}( \\d{3})( \\d{4})")), NOT(REGEX(Phone, "\\d{5}( \\d{6})")))


But this does not work. Any advice to what I am hoping is a simple answer would be grateful.

Hello everyone,


I have two users who use Outlook Sync successfully and have for about a year now. About 1.5 weeks ago, they experienced some errors when trying to sync up their contacts and events as seen below:

“There is a change in the field mapping. Please verify your field mappings and Restart Outlook. INVALID_Field: □SelectId,LastModifiedDate,Subject,IsAlldayEvent,ActivityDate,ActivityDateTime□

I checked their field mappings and they are identical to mine and I can sync with no error.  The fields listed above in the error are coming from the "Events" page if that is helpful.  The strange thing is that I have the same version of Outlook, same Exchange server, same version of the Outlook tool and I can sync successfully, but these two users have been getting the same errors. We migrated some data into a dev account and in sandbox to test it and no errors as well. I just would like to know if there is anyone that can shed some light on our issues so we can fix it for the users who actually count on this feature.

Thank you and have a great day!