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Good day,


I'm working with dynamic hierarchy tree whereby I need to put a <div> or </div> in separate <apex:outputText> tags depend on the respective node type (parent, child, etc). I write the render to decide when to have a <div> and when there is a need for </div>. The collapse and expand feature work fine, but there is always a warning message display at the browser the first time I load the page saying that <div> should be matched with a </div>. I checked the source of the web page and confirmed that each <div> has a matched </div>.


Below is partial of my code:

<apex:outputText rendered="{!IF(OR(pos.nodeType=='start',pos.nodeType=='parent'),true,false)}">
             <div id='{!pos.nodeId}'>


<!-- Data population in between to populate the child node to the parent node -->

<apex:outputText rendered="{!IF(OR(pos.nodeType=='end',pos.nodeType=='child_end'),true,false)}">



After encountered with the warning message, I try to simplify the code as follows and found that the warning message will definitely show at browser if there is only <div> present within <apex:outputText></apex:outputText> and no </div> is found. But I couldn't have </div> put at same occurence to ensure that  the collapsible feature is working. Is this the known issue in Salesforce Visualforce page? And is there any way we could turn off this warning message by coding?


<!-- This simplified code below will give warning message. I understand in this case we don't need to use the <apex:outputText> tag. My intention is to simulate the scenario -->

<apex:outputText rendered="true">



<apex:outputText rendered="true">




Good day experts,


I would like to add an HTML custom component at App Setup > Customize > Home > Home Page Components. It is a HTML component which allows user to filter the search content and then submit the parameters to retrieve the results as displayed in "Search for Content" page. The filtering parameters provided at the HTML component are Product, Content Type and File Formats.


My question is how I should pass in any of the selected combination of parameters to this "Search for Content" page (/sfc/#search) which able to return me the intended result? I have no idea what parameter name I should put while compile for the URL.   


Thanks for the help :) 



I need some help here.


Is there a way I can get information from a Map[String, List<SObject>] from my visual force page?


I mean. Is there a way I can write a repeat tag, in order to go throuht the a list, depending on an identifier. 


Let my code talk for me. This is how I image it:




<apex : repeat value='{!idList}' var='id'>

<apex : repeat value="{!map.get(id)}" var='x'>

 <apex : outputLabel value='{!x.Name}' />

</apex : repeat>

</apex : repeat>



Thanks a lot for your any help you can provide.