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I have a user who just installed the Office Connector from inside SF (in the Desktop Integration section of Personal Setup), and it appears to have installed a version 4.0 of the toolkit.


He's getting the "Can't find project or library" error that others have reported getting as a result of a mismatch between Version 2.0 of the toolkit and Version 6.16 of the Excel Connector.


Has there been an updated version of the Excel Connector that will work with Version 4.0 of the toolkit? If not, how do I downgrade him back to Version 3.0, since the only version that will download from SF setup is version 4.0?  


This is not the most technical of users, and I'm supporting him from 200 miles away, so I can't just go to his computer and do it for him. So asking him to go to the Developer Toolkit type sites and figure out what to do is asking for disaster. Please help!

Can anyone assist me adding the capability of adding a picture to a contact record? One would think I could go to page layout and select an image preview option or something. Support told me I needed to do this using visuaforce. Any help would be appreciated. I tried the picture uploader appexchange but it was failing like everyone else that tried to use the program. Thanks in advance.