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    I need to implement the hover link for all the related list of our custom page as per standard. edit link is working but when I click on new button of related list from top before detail page, it's not firing an event as it's invoking apex action method.  Is there any approach to make it done?


Many Thanks..


  • April 09, 2010
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Hi folks. I have a requirement to pre-populate certain fields (phone, fax, mobile phone), based on the record type, when creating a new Lead. Currently, this is done through an s-control, but I intend to re-implement it using visualforce. Can anyone give me any pointers on how to do this? I can't seem to find any good examples for this particular case.


I need to put a custom related list on the account detail page and put the Hover link on the top of the page for the custom related list.


I was able to do the custom related list displayed on the bottom of the Account detail page wiring a standard controller extension and visula force page.


Now the problem is How do I place the Hover link on the top of the page for the custom list? I saw couple of threads for the above, but the hover links issue was never discussed?.


Can any one please guide me how can I do this.


Thank you.

I am trying to use this very simple apex page to prototype the relatedListHover property of the apex:detail component. I am not able to get the related List Hovers to show up with both the relatedList and relatedListHover properties set to true on the apex:detail component. The standard related lists do show up. But the hovers do not. I have double-checked that the User Interface setting to enable related list hover is truly enabled in the org too.

Any ideas? The example code is below where I try to render the hover links on the User detail page for the currently logged in user.

Here is my apex:detail snippet