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I was wondering if somebody could help me. I have create a dynamic picklist controller that collects it select list from a custom lookup table

I have a custom field called Municapaly on the Account object and I would like to link and update this field from this new controller 


<apex:page standardController="Account" >  <apex:form >  <tr><td>Municapaly</td><td>   <c:Municapaly_Dynamic_Picklist myvalue="1"> </c:Municapaly_Dynamic_Picklist>   </td>  <tr>

  </apex:form></apex:page>  <apex:page standardController="Account" >

  <apex:form >  <tr><td>Municapaly</td><td>   <c:Municapaly_Dynamic_Picklist myvalue="1"> </c:Municapaly_Dynamic_Picklist>   </td>  <tr>

  </apex:form></apex:page>  public class clsMuniciplayDynamicPicklist{    private List<SelectOption> items;       public List<SelectOption> getItems() {         List<SelectOption> items = new List<SelectOption>();         //default value         items.add(new SelectOption('','--Select Record Type --'));        

        for (Lookup_Tables__c lt: [Select l.Type__c, l.Start_Date__c, l.Name, l.End_Date__c, l.Code__c From Lookup_Tables__c l]){           items.add(new SelectOption( lt.Code__c,lt.Name));                 }            return items;     }