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HI All,


How to Integrate Salesforce with Tally ...?


Is there any appexchange for integration  between salesforce and Tally


Is there any  middleware Interface existed between those 2 above.





  • June 21, 2010
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Hi All


2. Can I know how to put the Html components in email template?Shall I use Javascript there?

Ans: Unfortunately we do not support this matter at the basic level. If you contact your Account Executive (info below signature) you can speak with them regarding an upgrade of your support. Otherwise, you may also search/post on the message boards at community.salesforce.com/developer.force.com to find assistance with this matter.

3. Can I know how to put calender in mail which is sent through apex triggers?

Ans: I use html code in mail.setHtmlBody() method.what is the code to put a calender there?
- You will also have to ask this question on the community boards.

Thank you for your time,

Anthony Ubriaco
Certified Salesforce Administrator
Basic Support Operating Hours M-F 8AM - 9PM|EST


  we received answers from Aubriaco@Salesforce.com , Case  number is 0344026.



can you provide any one answers to the above 2 queries ?



  • April 03, 2010
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I want to find duplicate records on existing leads I have 1lac records on leads , I used select query statement it return List Object but it store only 1000 records , i compared these records with existing records

Below my code:


List<Lead> ld = [select Name,Email from Lead];


for(Integer i =0;i<ld.size();i++){


    List<Lead> lds =[Select Name,Email from Lead where Email=:ld[i].Email];




 Is there chance to write join query on same lead object to get duplicates , if have more then 1000 duplicate records ........?





  • March 08, 2010
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I'm offloading my apex sharing logic into groups so instead of creating/deleting sharing records I will be creating the group and then creating/deleting group members as needed.


My only concern is that there is some sort of limitation in the group object that I'll start hitting when we have 100,000 groups in our org. Has anyone done something similar?



Hi All, I am in need of help from u guys, regarding Downloading work space content from Sales force into the user's machine. I need this with the help of a DOWNLOAD button(custom button) click. I should get a pdf downloaded into my machine if i click on that download button. Please guide me through this, providing work around. Thanks in advance. - Krishna.

I'm using AggregateResult in order to return sum of shipments for every combination of customeregion,productfamily and year,here is the query i'm using
apex code:
public AggregateResult[] queryResult { get {return queryResult ;} set{ queryResult = value ;} }
public AggregateResult[] getschemalist22()
 queryResult = [select sum(shp_4000__c) salesshipments,sum(shp_4010__c) inventoryshipments,sum(sos_5000__c) salesoutshipments,Time__r.Years__c years,
   Customer__r.Region__c regions, JaguarProduct__r.Family__c families from FACT_LL__c
   group by Time__r.Years__c, Customer__r.Region__c, JaguarProduct__r.Family__c];
 return queryResult;

Now i required to display this aggregateresult in my visualforce page pageblocktable like

Customerregion       Productfamily        Year          Measures                                values

ASIA                             prodfamily1             2010         salesshipments                      2000
                                                                                          inventoryshipments                340
                                                                                          salesoutshipments                1090


NORTH AMERICA     prodfamily1            2010         salesshipments                      6100
                                                                                          inventoryshipments                900
                                                                                          salesoutshipments                5600


which displays 2 records with "sum of shipments for region asia,productfamily1,year 2010" and"sum of shipments for region northamerica,productfamily1,year 2010".


please specify if this is the right way to get aggregateresult,if yes please let me know how to display it in visualforce page

as desired or is there any other way to display the result.

Any help is much appreciated.


Thanks & Regards,


We recently re-tooled some of our queries to use the new "group by" syntax.


However, for one of our customers, we're getting this error:


Apex script unhandled exception by user/organization: ..../....

Visualforce Page: /apex/i__aalogged

caused by: System.Exception: Aggregate query not allowed in this organization



I confirmed with the customer that they are an EE org.  What is causing this?  I wasn't aware that "group by" wasn't allowed in certain orgs.

  • March 27, 2010
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I have a Contact in my Salesforce org. and have an Attachment (a PDF file) associated to that Contact.


Is it possible to download this PDF file from a Site Page?


I am able to query and Display the name of the file on my Site page, but want to know if there's a way to download the file.





  • June 05, 2009
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I'm just thinking this one out loud right now.

I was wondering if on my Visual Force page that I have created with custom objects and my desired custom layout. A Hover Detail style interface much like what salesforce uses in the sidebar for recent items when 'hover detail is enabled'.

Any points in the right direction would also be very much appreciated.

So basically I have a visual force page with all of my PageBlockTables... listing information I want in the layout that I'd like... now on some of those records I'd like to hover over the 'name' or the 'id' and trigger a "hover detail" style popup that will show some extra details that I can also choose to view / edit

Any thoughts?
I understand that SOQL is not SQL and that you have to use relationship queries rather than SQL joins.  I have a question regarding this, though.  I have a custom object "Project Fiscal Forecast", which has a Sub-Opportunity lookup field to another custom object - "Sub-Opportunity".  There is no master-child relationship between these two objects because "Sub-Opportunity is already a child of the Salesforce Opportunity object, and an object can only be in one master-child relationship.

So, my question is, can I query the Project Fiscal Forecast object and filter based on a field in the Sub-Opportunity object?  If so, is there some sample syntax for this somewhere?  I would have expected this to be a typical scenerio for a query.  I need to do this to display some data in an s-control.

  • October 30, 2007
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