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Hi all,

i'm building an integration on the API using the WSDL from my org.

I'm trying to create a generic class for several (standard and custom) objects, so I can generalize the ETL proces. I'm hoping to make this as resusable as possible.


Struggling to find a solution for the following:


Would it be possible to instatiate an sObject from a string with the object name, via the API?

Something like:

sObject obj = new binding.describeSObjects(string sObjectType[] ); (i know this is not the way to do it...)


Next, would i then be able to use the object's specific fieldnames from the sObject?


Help would be very welcome!



I am creating authenticated web users in a spring 10 developer version.


I can register using the default SiteRegister page.


I can reset the password, both from the Sites page and from salesforc.com.


But whenever I try to login in, I get an error. When I check the login in salesforce.com, the message is "Maximum Logins Exceeded". I can't find any information on this error.


Any ideas would be appreciated.


Hi all
I have a query regarding UPSERT functionality of Apex Data Loader.I have a field value in Accounts where i want to change the value to NULL using UPSERT for all the existing records.But when i do that, the value still remains. Cant we update the value to NULL using UPSERT if there is any existing value??
Any help would be highly appreciable!!!
Thanks in Advance