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I'm unable to get the results for the search. I have a custom object i'm storing  the customer details and i'm searching the record based on customer email id. I have written a apex class for that when i click on Save button i'm getting the error message as:


Error: Compile Error: SObject constructor must use name=value pairs at line 35 column 27



public class SearchCustomer { public SearchCustomer(ApexPages.StandardController controller) { } public List<Customer__c> results = new List<Customer__c>(); public List<Customer__c> customers { get; set; } String email; /* ------------ Getter and Setter for Email -------------------- */ public string getEmail() { return email; } public void setEmail(string email) { this.email = email; } public List<Customer__c> search() { customers = new List<Customer__c>(); for(Customer__c c:[SELECT Id,Email__c FROM Customer__c WHERE Email__c =: email]) { customers.add(new Customer__c(c)); } return null; } public List<Customer__c> getresults() { return customers; } /* public class Customer__c { public Customer__c cust { get; set; } public Customer__c(Customer__c c) { cust = c; } }*/ }




 Can any one able to solve this.


Thank you.


  • March 18, 2010
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Hi All


I need to develop a web service  which takes the input from middleware and expose the output.


Case: Five different inputs are coming from middle ware which will call me class and make a record. The record gives an "code" as output which is sent back to the middleware.


Looking for a class for this scenario.


Kindly help 



I have a customer portal.

I also have a custom object that is associated with the customer portal.


when ever users who access portal, when click on the link(custom object one), it asks the user to login.

i want to override this functionality.I want anonymous login when clicked on the link.I am using the guest profile, but it still prompts for login.


Can any one help me with this.


Thanks in advance!


Hi All


I created a New Custom Object, and I know it can be populated using an excel file. I am now trying to populate it using a webservice, is this possible? I've uploaded the WSDL into the Apex Classes.


Any help would be great!



  • March 17, 2010
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We have been looking for a real time data integration program.
We have not found the right software yet.  

Basically we'll be using the tool for the migration of contacts and data in real time.
Thanks for your help! 

  • March 10, 2010
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