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I've been building 2 objects that relate each other for building a PDF of an estimate, ultimately. What I first did was create an item, with an item object, then be able to rapidly create estimates picking and pulling from the item object, including grand totals and generating a list view of all the items. Is this the best way to approach building something like this?


Additionally, there are considerations for units of measurement as multipliers. For example, there's an item listed measured in linear footage, that would come multiplied when specified.


I also thought of making an estimate, with a bunch of lookup fields into the items object, and then formulate a report that would lookup information through the estimation object extending into the items object.

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I have a CSV file, which has Lead information, like Lead Owner, First Name, Last Name, Address Line1,City,State,Country,Postal Code.


I want those Leads to be added to a campaign.I go to that campaign, then use the wizard to import leads.


I follow the steps in the wizard and map corresponding columns and i finish my import.


To My surprise, everything related to lead showed up except "Address Information" for all Leads.

The Address Information means, Address Line 1, City, State,Country,Postal Code.


Did anybody encounter this issue before?

I am looking if anybody can help me with this or am i missing anything?


I used to do the same before, it didn't happen before.But lately, whenever i try to import leads using that wizard, it isn't updating address information.


Thanks in advance for help/idea.



 My name is Kevin Shuk, and I'm a Force.com developer with Palantir Technologies.

Silicon Valley has been missing a Force.com Developer's Group of its
own - Mike Fullmore, Senior Software Engineer at Salesforce.com and I
aim to fix this. After all, the birthplace of the technology age and
the hottest DaaS platform out there are a natural fit! We're
definitely aiming for a more technical angle here - Apex code,
Visualforce, the Apex API and integrations, for example.

We're pulling together the first meeting rather quickly as we're
aiming to meet on Thursday, March 25 in the early evening (an exact
time hasn't been set yet). Adobe Systems has graciously offered a space for
us to meet in their downtown San Jose headquarters, and Markus Spohn,
Director of Product Management at Salesforce.com will present the
Adobe Flash Builder for Force.com. We'll also touch on new features
for developers in Spring '10 now that it's rolled out, and cover some
other tips and tricks.

Please RSVP for this meeting or express your interest in future
meetings of this group by completing a quick online signup at
Even if you can't make the 25th, please sign up if you'd like to know
about future meetings, or have suggestions for topics you'd like to
learn about or present.

Specific details of this first meeting will be posted here early next
week as well as sent to those who RSVPd for the meeting.

Hope to see all you devs there!

Hey I'm trying to write a trigger on the one record we have Years for the term. The other one we have months for the term.


What I tried doing is:


double newmonths;


for(Contract c : contractrecords){

        newmonths = o.Term_Yrs__c * 12;


c.ContractTerm = newmonths;


Error: Compile Error: Illegal assignment from Double to Integer


How would one accomplish changing the type so that I can do the math and enter it in properly?


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