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Open your IDE for a project, use the Add/Remove Components dialog and for v23 the "Email" folder does not appear.  


... if only there was a place to post bugs.



The documentation for the new cookie class seems to fall a little short. I create a new cookie like this:


Cookie myCookie = new Cookie('counter','1',null,-1,false);

But I can't find any documenation on what these parameters are. Here is my best guess(name,value,?,?,isSecure). I assue one of the ? is some time of duration or expiration date. Are any of these optional?


Can someone enlighten me and perhaps update the documentation.




I created an Approval Process which works fine. Everytime the object is rejected - an email alert is sent to the submitter. The problem I am having is there a way to include the rejection comments in the email.


I did some digging into this and rejection comments/status are buried in an object called ProcessInstanceStep that I cannot access via an APEX trigger or workflow.


Any hints on how people worked around this issue?






I am i have a created a custom object and am trying to make a master-detail relationship with the object Product. The problem is when I select Master-Detail the Product object does not show up in the drop down list. Does this mean that I can not create a Master Detail relation ship keeping the Product as the master or is there some settings to be changed to get this done.




  • May 20, 2009
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Is there any reason that the setWhatId function can only be used when setTargetObjectId is a contact? I am building an email notice around a template and I want to send it to a user. Without the setWhatId, none of the merge fields pull through. Is there a work around that I am not aware of?