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Is it possible to return blob from controller to page?




<apex:page contentType="application/pdf" controller="VFBlobTest">{!pdf}</apex:page>




public with sharing class VFBlobTest {
   public static Blob getPdf(){
      Blob result = SomeWebServiceCalloutThatReturnsBlob();
      return result

The example I gave is what I would like to happen, but it won't work. It neither works with String.


Any work around?



servlet.FileDownload is not an option, because I can't store the file in the ORG. 

Hi All,

I want to send multiple attachments to salesforce using Bulk API.

please tell me what should be the endpoint in this case,what should be my CSV format ,what all headers I'll be including and other stuff if you know which could help me

Thanks in advance!!



I wish to have webservice functions which when called I will create a SOAP body which I then return in my response.  If I set the return type to String for my webservice function the stting gets included as CData in a <result> element.




<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/" xmlns="http://soap.sforce.com/schemas/class/TestSOAPWebserviceFromSites">
<result><![CDATA[<soapenv:Body><GetMsgRS><result>Success: Name=My Test</result></GetMsgRS></soapenv:Body>]]></result>


If I wish to override the SOAP Body generated by Salesforce and instead make it my own generated SOAP body what is the return type I need to use for my function?


Thanks in advance for any help.



Due to a slow-loading page in my app I did some investigation and found out the slowness is because of this "Generate Metadata" step:


 13:06:08.976|CODE_UNIT_STARTED|[EXTERNAL]|Generate Metadata
 13:06:47.992|CODE_UNIT_FINISHED|Generate Metadata


That step alone takes almost 40 seconds while the rest of my page (including a web service callout to get a list of options for a dropdown) loads in less than 1 second.


What is the purpose of this "Generate Metadata" performance hog?  How can I remove it or at least speed it up?

I receive this when calling an external web service.  I'm using xmldom to make the call.  I know the results coming back are > 100000. 


My question is if there is away around this? 



Has anyone tried using a PDF template or PDF Form to use with VF page for PDF output? In our use case we have a very complex PDF insurance policy pages (multi page ) which we are producing from a VF page (render as PDF). This requires lots of HTML to render the page in the desire format.


These policy forms are available in fillable PDF files 9PDF Forms). I am just wondering if I can use such PDF forms as an input and fill the required fields in the form. This takes away all the effort for HTML coding.


Any thoughts and helps would be greatly appreciated. 

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Is there a list of features you can use in a certified package and install in PE even if the feature is not available in this edition for the customer ?


What I learned is that the "Email Service" is available and then I found this from the

Whats new in Apex Code Tech Talk:


Q: PE doesn't have Apex, but an AppExchange package can be flagged to run Apex in a PE org. does this permission bring with it Batch Apex and the Scheduler, so that the app can perform these things in a Professional Edition org?
A: Yes


I could not find a complete list. Must these features be activated in the PE org by Salesforce Support before installing the package ?




I try to do this http://wiki.developerforce.com/index.php/Adobe_XFDF in my sandbox but i have 2 question that stop me for continue the develop:

1- where Do I put the code which start with : "private String getXmlString(Contact c)........." ? i try to a class but doesn't work

2- where Do I put the code which start with : "public PageReference XFDFInit() {.........." I try to a class but doesn't work

The only code which work is the apex page; I have created a link which open Visual force page

Thanks for help me



I would like to use mail merge functionality which convert into PDF instead of Microsoft Word.


If any one cna suggest some way(development code) or some free tool which provide this functionality.


I do not want to buy paid tool for this functionality.


Any suggestion welcome.





Hey guys,


needed a way to convert from a 15 digit ID to an 18 digit one.

Found the javascript version for just such an action here: http://community.salesforce.com/sforce/board/message?board.id=general_development&message.id=13148


tried to make my own apex version but the last digit keeps coming out wrong.  Any Ideas?






String id = '001Q0000002NXad'; //a sample id


String suffix = '';

for(integer i=0;i<3;i++){

Integer flags = 0;

for(integer j=0;j<5;j++){
String c = id.substring(i*5+j,i*5+j+1);

if(c >= 'A' && c <='Z'){

flags += 1 << j;

if (flags <= 25) {

suffix += 'ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ'.substring(flags,flags+1);

}else suffix += '012345'.substring(flags-26,flags-26+1);

System.debug('18-DIGIT:'+Id + suffix);




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  • May 01, 2009
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I have a PDF form with various checkbox, text and dropdown controls.

I need to populate some of these fields before view it to user and then the user needs to fill out the rest of the fields left empty.


Standard Visualforce "RenderAs" PDF does not seem to be the solution.



Has anyone had any exprience with the above problem?

I need to create PDFs dynamically. Basically a PDF template is provided which is kind of a form. Based on the data filled by the User, the form should be populated. The template will reside in Document library of Salesforce or Intranet. Is there a way to do it?

There are tools which allow PDF creation on fly like iText. But they are based on .Net or Java or Com/ActiveX platform. Can this be done within Salesforce.

I have already considered the option of generating the pdf using Visualforce. But it doesnt seems feasible because of huge number of different forms with each form consisting of more than 20 pages.

In our shop, Salesforce is replacing a currently working, locally developed app for managing contracts.  Main objective for the initial implementation is to use Print Anything to print contracts/agreements created using Salesforce.  We already have a full suite of PDF templates for the different record types and I would like to use those templates as part of the print process using Print Anything if possible.
I know a new standard HTML template for Print Anything would need to be created but I'm seeking to use our PDF templates.  Is this something that is being considered by someone who is close enough to PA to be able to include this print method?
In the meantime, if there is some documentation available on how to set up Print Anything over and above what comes with the implementation, I'd love to take a look at it.