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I have to create 16 lookup fields pointing to account object which inturn filter to "ABC" record type.

But this kind of filter (that filters record type) are limited to only 5 fields per object. And after 5 fields i dont have option of exclusive filter , but i can still use the filter, but users can see all the accounts by clicking, " Show all results" .

Can any one please guide me how to overcome this?

I've created a lookup field on the Case object called Current Owner.  While similar to attaching an Owner or Contact to the case, I want this field to pull from a custom object called Current Owner that is a pre-set list of users/owners that I want to choose from within the Current Owner case field.  However, I want the list to be filtered based on the Case record type that I'm creating.


For instance, by custom Current Owner object has Type and Name as the fields.  The Types are: Engineering and Testing.  The Record Types for my Cases are Engineering and Testing.  What I want to have happen is if I select Record Type Engineering when creating a Case, I want my Current Owner lookup to only select Names in the Current Owner custom object where Type = Engineering.


How can this be done? Thanks in advance.

Having waited for a long time for lookup filters to be implemented, I'm pretty disappointed to be told they are not available for lookups to contracts.


Anyone else know of a way around this or a reason?





I am fairly new to Force.com development and have hit an issue trying to build some relationships on a custom object.


I have an 'Assessment' custom object with a custom lookup field to a 'Claim' custom object.  I want to build a further custom lookup field on Assessment: 'Claim Contact' that looks up from another custom object, but this object is the detail in a master-detail relationship with the Claim object. 


I want to know how to constrain the 'Claim Contact' lookup so that it only shows values that are related to the Claim that has already been looked up on to the Assessment.


i.e. if the Assessment is linked to Claim A, which has child Contacts Jack and Jill, then these should be the only contacts I am able to pick using the 'Claim Contact' lookup on the Assessment.  If the assessment is not linked to any Claim then I need the lookup to return no results.


Is there a configuration solution to this or if not does anyone know what the best approach is to do this?


Many thanks in advance!

  • April 15, 2009
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I have a Lookup table i.e.   Key, Value  


How do I filter a LookupRelationship field so the resulting pull down list makes available a subset of the records in Lookup Table?


If the values are  'AccountType',  'Oil';  'AccountType', 'Technology',  'SizeType',  300 in the Lookup table and I want to filter the LookUpRelationship field by Key = 'AccountType' then the Lookup Relationship' field will only show  'Technology' and 'Oil'   (but not 300 because the Key = 'SizeType' and not 'AccountType')


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We are working in SalesForce Team Additon and are finding the Lookup Field lookup function to be frustrating. There are no filters available and with thousands of contacts, it is impractical.

My quest is to find s-control code that will allow us to establish a predefined filter based on the current account to provide a list of contacts from which the user can select.

Can anyone help me?

Hi All..
I  created a lookup  to pick a business name based on custom object/fields.  I use this lookup at different tabs. Now, I want to filter the records based on where the lookup is:
Ex.  Under opportunity, I would like the lookup display the business name based on the country = 'USA',
Is there a way to put a condition on lookup drop down????
Also,  the lookup drop down displays 50rec at a time, can I  limit the # of record on the drop down??
Thankyou in advance

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  • March 14, 2006
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