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Hello, I have a custom field called total,which is calculated automatically by multiplying 2 custom fields unit and price,this should happen as soon as the unit and price fields are entered,I used a trigger i always get a readonly error,I cannot use formula as i cannot reference the othere fields



hi all,


I have a list of String and want to convert to Blob data type, so which API method can help me to do this? I only know the Encodingutil.base64Decode(String) method, but each String in my List contains a large numbers of characters, if i append Strings the limitation exception has been raised. Please, help me!!!

I'm new to visualforce and I've got a custom object, Property__c with a multi-select picklist of classifications (Classification__c). How can I put those picklist values onto a visualforce page with a custom controller? And how do I retrieve the value(s) for use in a query?
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Hy everybody!


I have this code in my controller :


// upload documents and navigate to the next page public PageReference doSave() { Document d = (Document) controller.getRecord(); d.folderid = System.UserInfo.getUserId(); //store in Personal Documents insert d; return Page.dgw_auxilary; }

 of course my controller is extends the documents apex standard controller.

Is anybody know, how can I test this code? I have no idea.



  • March 26, 2010
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Hi all,

        Here i am using the web service class which is to be used further by the flex page. The problem i am facing is how to generate the test method for the particular web service class and its codes are given below.

So, help me out to solve this problem and how to create the test method for the following web service class and what will be the test methods for this class.




global class Questions{

webService static List<QuestionType__c> getQuestionType(Id id)
List<QuestionType__c> qType = [select id, name, Name__c, Summary__c from QuestionType__c where id = :(id) ];
return qType;
webService static List<QuestionType__c> getAllQuestionType()
List<QuestionType__c> qType = [select id, name, Name__c, Summary__c from QuestionType__c LIMIT 50];
return qType;
webService static Id insertQuestionType(QuestionType__c qType)
insert qType;
return qType.Id;
webService static Id updateQuestionType(QuestionType__c qType)
update qType;
return qType.Id;
webService static Id deleteQuestionType(Id id)
QuestionType__c[] removeQType = [select id, name, Name__c, Summary__c from QuestionType__c where id = :(id)];
String returnVar = removeQType[0].id;
delete removeQType;
return returnVar;


Thanks in advance...

I have a button on a list view that was working fine previously.  When I switch to enhanced lists this button stops working with the following error:



A problem with the OnClick JavaScript for this button or link was encountered:

{faultcode:'soapenv:Client', faultstring:'Attribute "xmlns" bound to namespace "http://www.w3.org/2000/xmlns/" was already specified for element "execute".', }



Any ideas why this would be happening?




{!REQUIRESCRIPT("/soap/ajax/18.0/connection.js")} {!REQUIRESCRIPT("/soap/ajax/18.0/apex.js")} var list = {!GETRECORDIDS( $ObjectType.Account )}; var errorMsg = sforce.apex.execute("AccountClass", "execute", { accountIds : list }); if (errorMsg != 'success') alert (errorMsg);




Hello All


I need to get the Custom Fields i have in QuoteLineItem and OpportunityLineItem

to sync between a synced Opportunity and Quote.


I understand that there is no automated process to do this at the moment and

i want to do it manually (Via trigger).


The problem i am facing is knowing which line item in the Opportunity/Quote is the corresponding line item of

a specific line item in the Quote/Opportunity.


I'm guessing there is some field that salesforce uses when syncing standard fields but because

there is no schema yet, i dont know.


when answering, please consider that PricebookEntryId and ProductCode are not a solution because

the scenarios include one where the same product is entered twice with different Custom fields values.





  • March 23, 2010
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