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I'm Trying to use the Rich Text field.  My intention is to replace an exising Long Text field.  The new field displays on my VF page, but when I enter data in it & use the standard controller !save, the information that I entered in the field is not saved.  The !save is not the problem as with the standard Long Text field things save just fine. 


Additionally, I have 3 events attached to the field that work fine with the standard Long Text field but does not with Rich Text version of the field.


Here is my VF Code:



<td ><apex:InputField id="AcademicAchievementRichText" value="{!I4__c.AcademicAchievementText__c}" style="width: 99%; height: 500px" onfocus="CharRemaining.style.visibility='visible';
                                      maxLngth = 3500;
                                      elmnt = '{!$Component.AcademicAchievementText}';
                                      charRemain(elmnt , maxLngth );"   
                             onkeyup="charRemain(elmnt , maxLngth );">

 Any help would be greatly appreciated.