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I hope everyone's week is starting off well this Monday morning! 


I need help converting a date from MM/DD/YYY format to YYYY-DD-MM format.  Is there a way this can be accomplished with a formula field?


A little background on why I am asking, I am creating a call script using Clicktools.  The date format required by Clicktools is YYYY-DD-MM but the date format being passed from SF is MM/DD/YYY.  I have tried numerous formulas and they all result in errors.


Please help!  I am banging my head against the wall! This is day 2 of me trying to figure this out.


Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer.



  • August 02, 2010
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I am trying to run a basic opportunity pipeline report with product lines, but not sure how to get the product lines to summarize correctly. I need to have a report which summarizes the information by fiscal period and then by region.



When I run my reports or create custom reports, I am unable to summarize each line item by the license value etc. (I can't get the values to summarize highlighted in red)


So I would like to see the reports as below.



 Region Asia                  License       Services      Total               Stage    Comments      

  Opportunity 1                 100,000        100,000     200,000         XCX          To be followed up

  Opportunity 2                 50,000         50,000      100,000           XCX           To be confirmed

  Opportunity 3                 50,000         50,000      100,000           XCX           To be confirmed    

Asia Total                         200,000       200,000     400,000


 Region Europe                 License       Services      Total             Stage    Comments      

  Opportunity 1                 200,000         200,000     400,000          XCX          To be followed up

  Opportunity 2                 50,000           50,000      100,000           XCX           To be confirmed

  Opportunity 3                 50,000           50,000      100,000           XCX           To be confirmed    

Europe Total                    300,000          300,000    600,000


Can anyone assist me customising my report accordingly?

Tried the following in "Execute anonymous":


Messaging.SingleEmailMessage	mail = new Messaging.SingleEmailMessage();
mail.setSenderDisplayName('Sender Name');
mail.setToaddresses(new List<String>{'recipient@gmail.com'});
Messaging.sendEmail(new List<Messaging.Email>{mail});


The email is received successfuly by when I "hit" reply it show s the email address of the "Admin" user that I executed the above code with. Should it not be "someemail@gmail.com"?


I'm new to SFDC development, and we are looking to "turn off" the notifications that are sent when someone submits a case for approval.  With the amount of cases that we have that require approval, the emails are an unnecessary hardship for all the individuals in the queue for approval.  Can this be turned off or disabled?

I want to send an email to all users when some user adds them to sales team of an opportunity.  Standard workflow is not going to work because reciever can be some user or can be member of default sales team, we have more than 200 sales teams. What are the other options available?

I am trying to add new custom object thats should behave like a opportunity Products, I want to write visualforce code to have keyword search when user will try to search for record to be associated with the opportunity. Let me know if somebody has faced this issue before.

Hi all,


I am new to this community. Maybe my qeustion has been asked before, or it's the wrong place to be. please be easy to me. i m new.


My client wants to have a opportunity product which has the field of "Price of Quantity Below 30" and "Price of Quantity Over 30", i can add these custom fields to the object.


but how do i put these fields to the view where after user choose products from opportunity and enter the quantity? i want to list not just "List Price" over there, but also these two fields on each line item.  is that possible?


thanks so much in advance.



"Enterprise Edition provides 20MB of data and 600MB of file storage/user. Unlimited Edition provides 120MB of data and 600MB of file storage/user. For all customers, the default minimum storage amount is 1GB of data and 1GB of files."
The above is quoted in the datasheet for using force.com platform. Can someone clarify what the minimum means?
Does it mean that if i have 2 users i will get 1 GB + 20mb *2 for each additional user  (assuming i am using the  the enterprise edition of the platform) giving me a total of 1 gb and 40 MB.
Also, what is the approx price to purchase additional memory.
  • September 16, 2010
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i am wondering if this is possible/looking for a feasible/best way to implement this.


On accounts, i want to restrict users to create new accounts without looking if there is already an account in system.


I am thinking is , Override the New button on account page with a visual force page.


The visual force should do the following:


1) Ask the user to enter the account name he wants to create, click search and see if there are any accounts in system.9this poses another problem)

2) we have to bypass private sharing model to give the account creator that access to see all available accounts in system( Read-Only format)

3) next step would be, if he thinks there is already an account, he can cancel the process, else if the search did not yield any results, he should then proceed to create the account.


i am not quite sure if we can take this approach.Any alternative approaches?

Can any body drop in your ideas on how best we can acheive this use-case?


Thanks in advance.





We have a table of scoring values.  So I created a custom object RFM__c.  So the there are 4 main columns.  Value(name), Recency, Monetary, and frequency. 


There is formula for each, for example Recency =( today-Max(createddate,lastmodify,lastactivity))/30.  So say the result of the formula was 1.  I want look up the value in the RFM__c object and return the recency value.


I tried to create a formula field with the equation and link it to the RFM__c but had no luck.  


I am new to the salesforce environment and could use someone to point me in the right direction. 



I am currently making my agents raise a case for every call, this means I am able to ensure that they are raising cases for all the calls they recieve, we haven't been using Salesforce long so this is quite important to make sure they are using the system properly.

this is causing a problem however, because if 1 of our customers ring about about the same thing more than once we end up with several duplicate cases, and the customer recieves an email to provide them with another case number.

I am looking for a way to link the cases together in a heirachy system, or to find another way to record the repeat call against the original case, I cannot simply use case comments as this will show any actions taken too, also I would need to be able to report on these calls in a timestamped way so that I could continue to compare calls to cases


I have a requirement that users who are invitees in a particular event should also have access to EDIT that event. From the profile settings, I dont think we have anything possible to do from there but doing deeper research found that we have a concept of 'Calender Sharing' for users who can have manual sharing of calenders of other users. There, they can have 'Full Access' to other users calenders'(create, edit, view events accesses) which can enable them to modify events created by others.

But the thing is the users have to go to Setup-> My Personal Information-> Calender Sharing and then create new Sharing access(Public Group/Users/Roles/Roles and Subordinates).

My query is : Could we have some better solution to my problem than this? Or is this the only solution?



Dear all


Do anyone have some documents about setting up a connection between SAP and SFDC for customer management, contact,..... I'm a amateur about this. please help.


Thank you in advance.

Hi guys,


i am wondering is there any way to convert accounts back to leads.please help me out.

  • August 02, 2010
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I hope everyone's week is starting off well this Monday morning! 


I need help converting a date from MM/DD/YYY format to YYYY-DD-MM format.  Is there a way this can be accomplished with a formula field?


A little background on why I am asking, I am creating a call script using Clicktools.  The date format required by Clicktools is YYYY-DD-MM but the date format being passed from SF is MM/DD/YYY.  I have tried numerous formulas and they all result in errors.


Please help!  I am banging my head against the wall! This is day 2 of me trying to figure this out.


Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer.



  • August 02, 2010
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Is there a way to customize the lookup search functionality? I know about the enhanced lookup and am already using it. What I want is that instead of showing the recently accessed records by default, it show all the records and then the user could filter on the basis of the filter fields provided.



 We are having issue in our org. We have associated Contacts with a custom object called "Organizations". And, we want to keep contacts associated with accounts completely separate than contacts associated with Organizations. BUT because Contacts are NOT visible unless tied to an Account, we cannot simply have a Supplier - Contact association These are owned by 2 group of users. Group A and Group B. And, group A shouldn't be able to access contacts owned by Group B. The only option I could think off was, creating a generic account as ABC and associate with the Contacts related to Organizations (Contacts which are not tied to Accounts). But, that doesn't really solve the purpose. I can do this for all the existing contacts but how are we gonna tackle all new contacts created by my users. Every time a new contact record is created by Group B (which are not tied to accounts), I will have to figure out a way to relate them to the dummy account. Is there a better way to do this?


QUestion involves case#03723681

i want to create a custom field that is linked between Leads and Opportunitie.


i can easily create a custom field in Leads, and map it to custom field in Opportunity. then when i convert from lead to opportunity the data is carried forward. however if i then change this field in Opportunity, and run a Lead report on both unconverted and converted leads, the value that the report will show is the OLD value that existed when i converted the lead. Rather, i want this report to show the NEW value that i entered when it was already an opportunity.


in other  words, i want to have this custom field mapped in BOTH directions between Lead and Opportuntiy.


Apparently i can do this using formula fields. however i am a clueless sales guy who hasn't programmed anything since college. is it something that i need a PhD for or can a mere mortal do it?

Hi All,


I found the following instructions to remove a trigger: :To remove the trigger from Production Eclipse have very simple method,

Just right click on the trigger name delete it and deploy to server."


How do I access the Production Salesforce database via Eclipse? 

Eclipse is all set up and I used it to transfer the trigger from the sandbox




Hello everyone!


I have been invited to many events in Salesforce. I would like to report the events I've gone, but I wasn't assigned to one of those.  


Is there any way to report the events (accepted or not)??, preferibly grouped by the owner of the event


Thanks in advance!!



   I am working on one workflow which sends out some notfication email to user depending on some data from opportunity.


   One of the triggering rule is ...the Opportunity Amount > 15000 USD.

   Since the currency in the opportunity varies, it could be USD or maybe not.

   How can i conver the Opportunity Amount in other currency into USD by using formula?...



Hello! I am having an issue with Apex Data Loader 19. I have never had this issue with any other verions of the Data Loader and nothing else has changed in my setup.


When I update a task using Apex, and I insert a Task Completed Date/Time of "7/10/2010", it used to be that the date/time inserted would be "7/10/2010 12:00 AM". However, after I updated to Apex Data Loader 19 it will now insert the date/time of "7/09/2010 6:00 PM".


No matter what date I try to change that to using Apex, it is always the day prior to what I want and it's always at 6:00 PM. I have one workflow rule for this field and even if I deactivate this rule, this issue happens. My Excel template that I use to update with Apex hasn't changed, but I did go back to a previous version of my template just in case: same issue.


Does anyone have any suggestions??


Thank you




I have a doubt about rich text area.

Salesforce returns me an error in a formula when the result of this is a rich text area.

It's not supported or have a trick to do that?