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Everyone's probably been to a website where the screen displays a status bar saying "Processing".  You know, like those you see at the airline sites.  Well, I'm developing a page similar to this and I'm having a problem.


I've developed a Wizard (single custom controller and multiple VisualForce pages).  That works great.  I come to the "Processing" screen, where I have JavaScript submit the form that exists on that page back to the same custom controller.  The problem is that the Controller that is instantiated is not the one that has been used on the previous pages.  What happened?


I'm attempting to use apex:actionFunction to auto submit to the controller.  I just came from the controller to this page, yet when I autosubmit, I get a controller missing all the previous state.  Can anyone shed some light why this is occurring?  Can someone offer a better solution?


Oh, and Yes, I know this page has no fields within it and yes, I'm certain that I need to do this (business requirement).


Visual Force Page:


<apex:page controller="OrderEntryController" showheader="{!showHeader}">
    <apex:composition template="{!template}">
        <apex:define name="body">
            <apex:form id="form">

                Thank you for becoming part of the XXX family!<br/>
                Please wait while we process your order.  Do not use the Back button or navigate away from this page.<br/>
                <apex:image url="{!$Resource.PleaseWaitIcon}" />
                <apex:actionFunction action="{!completeOrder}" name="processOrder" />
                <script language="javascript">



  • April 15, 2010
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I have a customer who needs to set the End Date on a Scheduled Apex job.  The Scheduled Apex is submitted by Apex, yet when we go through the UI, the End Date is blank and there appears to be no way to set it. 


So, does anyone know how you can set the the EndDate, via Apex, when submitting a new Scheduled Job?  I am using the System.ScheduleJob method and am NOT trying to use an Insert DML on CronTrigger


Thanks in advance...