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Hello Everyone,


We have Sales Force services  and Dynamics AX software setup for business. I want to update the Sales Force data with any update made in AX System, for ex. if Accounting Department makes any update in Account..it should update the  Sales Force data too. So its information update from AX to SalesForce.


I want to achieve this with Custom In house programming, and not using any Component. How do I achieve this..and what kind of strategy I can use? I know that Sales Force has some webservices that I can call from outside....but how can I call this services when there is some database update in AX system....The database update in AX system should trigger the call and update the Sales force.


I would appreciate any hint/support with this.

Thank you in advance. 



we need to synchronize data between our MS Axapta based ERP and our newly created CRM on Salesforce.com.

I could'n find any existing (AppExchange) apps that could work as an interface nor any Information on how to synchronize them via custom web services (On Google I could't even find information on any Axapta API)

Do have any experience or idea on how we could tackle this problem?

Thanks in advance. Best regards,

  • March 26, 2007
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