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Hi All,


I'm wondering whether this is possible at all.


We have a requirement to filter a view to show the accounts owned by a depot.  We have a custom field in accounts called depot
_number and a similar field in user records.  In the example I'm refering to, I've got circa 200 accounts with the depot number 51 and 4 users (all together in a public group) with the depot number of 51.  All the accounts are owned by one of the 4 users.


What I want to do is create a view with a dynamic filter to say something like "Where Account Depot Number = User Depot Number"


I may be trying to do something which is completely impossible, but being able to do something like that would mean that I only need to create 1 view instead of about 150!


Any pointers from anyone would be most welcome.





I am a bit of a beginner at formulas, so hopefully one of you will think this is easy, and be able to help. :-)


Customer requirement:


Create a formula field that displays the Week Number (as Week 1, Week 2, etc), based on the Date entered on a particular record (same object).


Ex: 01/01/09 - 01/04/09 would return a value of "Week 1"  

01/05/09 - 01/11/09 = Week 2

01/12/09 - 01/18/09 = Week 3


and so on.....


Is using the CASE function the way to go, and if so, what's the shortest way to create this formula?


Thank you in advance!



  • April 20, 2009
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