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i know that should be pretty easy but i can't go ahead.

I have to strings

String1= abcdefg

String2= abcdeXX


Now I need a function which returns true If the first 5 letters of 2 strings are the same returns a boolean.

Is there any way i can do this?

I already read


but i didnt find it.


hello i have a simple question,

i need a soql query which gets me all records from an object, where the records in a field do not start with a letter.

For example in de Account object the names are





The query should get me '1CD'


Thank you

Hi ,

i have been getting this mail from salesforce form yesterday.


Your organization (XYZ) has reached its hourly limit for processing workflow time triggers. Processing will resume in the next hour. For information on application limits, see the salesforce.com online help.


Could anybody guide me to take corrective as well as preventive action for this?

I would like to filter the contents of a lookup field on a Visualforce page.  For example, on a VF "Registration" page (which creates Campaign Member records), I want to limit/filter the lookup of Campaigns to those with Type="Event".


Is this possible?




  • February 16, 2010
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