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I just installed Salesforce for outlook to try it.

I'm able to send and add an email to a contact but on received or sent email that I tried, I always have the

"The email did not contain any useable content." message.


Is there something I do wrong?





Is there any info on when support for 64 Bit Windows 7 might be available?  I am stuck with 2 laptops with 64 Bit and now can't use the Outlook pluging.



has anyone up and running Outlook 2010 and the Salesforce Plugin?

Currently I check the new Office version. But the SF Plugin makes always stress. 


Anyone here with experience or any hints? 


Thx, olli 

  • November 28, 2009
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I'm running the Outlook 2010 preview on a box, and at the moment it does not appear that the Outlook Connector for salesforce will run in it (most other Outlook plugins for 2007 that I've tried with Outlook 2010 do work fine). 


I'm just curious if anyone else can confirm the same experience.  Are there ever beta's of new versions of the connector, or do we need to wait for release that has official support for Outlook 2010?