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Is this just "page x" to "page y" or are we going to have full control over this, including support for URL params?  We're planning to migrate our existing knowledgebase implementation over to sf knowledge, and a proper on-platform redirect implementatio nwould dramatically simplify the cleanup and allow us to decommission the servers running the current KB a lot sooner.


Here's what I'd envision


1. Set up Force.com Site 1 for public KB

2. Set up Force.com Site 2 to act as the redirector

3. Add redirect rules to push requests for URLs on Site 2 to redirect to URLs on Site 1

4. Have cake


This would hinge on getting more detail on this feature (release notes and feature preview page are a bit dodgey on actual implementation), and whether this does properly support using URL params (docid in site 2 to id in site 1, etc).

Hi all,


in new feature URL rewriter to navigate correctly from one page to another, it need to use URLFOR function with $page variable. Example:

<apex:outputLink value="{!URLFOR($Page.myOtherPage)}" />


But i have this commandButton that not work with my site that have enabled URL rewriter ! It return "Site in Maintenence" after click this button, and not myPage!


This is the button:

<apex:commandButton action="{!search}" value=" " styleClass="trova" id="searchButton"/>



And here is the code in my controller:

public PageReference cerca() {
        PageReference acctPage = Page.myPage;
        return acctPage;



How to set good the apex:commandButton, as the outputLink with $Page variable?


Thanks in advance!



Hello Guys and Girls,



When implementing URL Rewriting on a site with Ideas Base Theme (IBT) i found a problem that i haven't been able to work around.

The issue comes from the need of having links with dynamic page references, since the IBT uses pages overrides to customize the site.

When using Page References, Page Urls, String or any other form(except $Page.myPageName) the URLFOR does not convert to the Nice URL.



A bit of background:


The IBT uses a Site configuration object to hold in its records the information about a site using it, one of its options is to OVERRIDE the default pages for the site, for example IdeasPageList, which is the one handling the listing of ideas and browsing through categories, etc.


This field in the Site Config record takes a String, which is the name of the Page you want IdeasPageList to be overriden with.

Therefore i cannot use the $page.mypageName for the URLFOR since the Page to be used is Dynamic.



Tried >



public PageRefence IdeaListPage {get;set;}



<apex:outputLink value="{!URLFOR($Page.ideaList)}">All Ideas</apex:outputLink>

<apex:outputLink value="{!URLFOR(IdeaListPage.url)}">All Ideas</apex:outputLink>

<apex:outputLink value="{!IdeaListPage}">All Ideas</apex:outputLink


Result is >







Only the first one is Rewritten, because it uses the static $page.mypagename , and in order to make the Url Rewriting work for any site using IBT and work if the IdeaListPage is changed i need a way to make the Url Rewriting work either passing a Url String, or a Page reference, not only the $page.mypagename way.



So any ideas?  (no pun intended :P )



Thanks in advance,