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        i want to  create customer portal user when contact is already exist in org. the problem is duplicate contact id generated if i am using site.createportaluser() method. Please suggest me about this problem.  


         My requirement is to display the email address of the default workflow user on my VF Page.If user changes in default workflow setting same should reflect in VF Page. 

Hi Pros.


i have created too record Types of Customer and Prospect on  Customer (renamed Account) Standard Object.

when ever i create a new record, i have the option of selecting either Prospect or Customer.

i was wondering if i can reflect the same title and field label when when ever i create different record type.

for example, when ever i select the prospect record type, i would like the field label to be prospect name (Currently customer name) and i would like the title to be New Prospect (Currently New Customer).


i appreciate if anybody can help me regarding this.

any coding or non coding suggestions are more than welcome.


best regards,




I have some existing Salesforce-integration code in place and finally hit my first real snag.


Our biz team set up our Accounts object to have a Territories field. This field shows up in the Setup:Customize:Accounts:Fields page in the "Account Standard Fields" section, but it does not show up in the WSDL.


There are a couple other fields that have these same characteristics.


I'm not sure where to even begin with this. How does one control which fields appear in the WSDL and/or the web UI?





Hi all,


I need to get the week of the year for a Salesforce project but am having some problems, I have tried using



System.Now().Format('w') ;


which should return the current week but this doesn't seem to work (it returns the wrong week of the year - for instance this week is week 21 and this returns week 22. For the business purposes the first week of the year is the week starting with the first Monday in January (this year that is w/c 04/01/2010). Does anyone know how you can do this in Salesforce?