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I had read in salesforce help files specifically for WebToCase that there was a limit on creation of cases at 500.

Later, I had read on a page NOT specific to WebToCase this:  "What is the maximum number of web cases we can capture?
In Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited, and Developer Edition organizations, you can capture up to 500 cases a day. If your
company generates more than that, click Help & Training at the top of any page and select the My Cases tab to submit your
request directly to salesforce.com."

This led me to conclude that salesforce limits the number of cases to 500 per day regardless of mechanism used to create (API, Email To Case, Web To Case, entering manually via the web GUI).
I suspect the above quote is misleading and the 500 limit does not apply to API case creation.
However, can someone out there confirm for me that the 500 case limit per day does not apply to ones created via the API or the GUI?
or give added clarification as to which modes have a limit.

At my company, we have an enterprise license. And I do realize the API has is a request limit of N (where N is IIRC 1,000,000 without looking it up).
We use WebToCase and are looking to switch to using the API, but I need this clarification first.

Thank you in advance,
Tom Walters, eHealth Global